Is Chanel Dudley Justin Bieber’s girlfriend? – Photo

Beliebers, meet Chanel Dudley. She’s got a boyfriend, but she’s also nursing a huge crush on your boy Justin Bieber!

E! News reported:

The 22-year-old blonde is Chanel Dudley, an aspiring rapper and receptionist on MTV’s Fantasy Factory.

They first met when Chanel was backstage at Justin’s concert. “He’s a huge fan of the Fantasy Factory and skateboarding,” a source says, adding that he’s hung out at the headquarters a few times.

And although the two chatted for a few minutes at last night’s party, a source says “nothing happened” and they’re “just friends”.

Upon that story’s release, Chanel tweeted, “To everyone that read the article on E! news about me and Justin Bieber please don’t believe everything you read!! Only half was true! Lol”.

Holly Madison jumped in the mix, tweeting, “@chanelwestcoast you cradle robber ;)”

To that, Chanel responded, “@hollymadison123 hahaha I’m just trying to collaborate on a song with the kid! Not date him! I swear! Lol”.

What do you think??? Is she trying to ditch her current boyfriend for the teen king??? Sound off in the comments below!

Is Chanel Dudley Justin Bieber’s girlfriend? – Photo was last modified: November 14th, 2012 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • e’miko

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