Is Hell’s Kitchen On Tonight, July 18, 2013?

Is Hell's Kitchen On Tonight, July 18, 2013?

If you were wondering whether or not there is an all new episode of the hit show Hell’s Kitchen tonight, then we’ve got your answer right here: YES!

Last week, Chef Gordon Ramsay sent home Susan after she was deemed one of the weakest links in the competition. Have you watched last week’s episode? If not, get caught up here with our live recap.

Tonight, the four remaining chefs, Jon, Ja’nel, Mary and Cyndi battle it out for the Hell’s Kitchen crown. From FOX’s official synopsis:

In a classic HELL’S KITCHEN challenge, the final four chefs will use only their senses of sight, taste and smell to identify the ingredients in Chef Ramsay’s dish and recreate it. The chef whose dish comes the closest to Chef Ramsay’s earns a shopping spree and spends quality time with Chef Ramsay at his restaurant, The Fat Cow, while the losing team clears out the dorms on moving day. Later, the pressure at dinner service is immense as the chefs run the pass. Then, Chef Ramsay must make one of the most difficult decisions yet and send two of the four chefs home. Find out who makes the cut.

Who do you think will make the cut?

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