Is Jessica Simpson Hiding Her Baby Bump?

Is Jessica Simpson Hiding Her Baby Bump?

Rumors have been swirling that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again ever since she debuted her new post-baby body at a Florida press conference for her fashion line. She showed off her 60 pound weight loss, which we’re sure was no easy feat, but the rumors have persisted that she is pregnant with her second child with fiance Eric Johnson. Stranger things have happened, no?

She has yet to comment on whether or not she is pregnant again, but if you’ll recall, she tried to keep her first baby news under wraps for as long as possible. So we wouldn’t put it past her to do that again. Celebs like their privacy, who knew?!?

She was spotted recently wearing a loose fitting black top, which lent itself to making her the subject of more baby bump rumors. Is she hiding something under there? Like we’ve said the first time around, it’s not like she could hide this sort of thing forever. Even moreso now because of all of her recent weight loss.

A snitch close to the situation said that her second pregnancy was definitely unplanned, but also revealed that she loves being a mother and is overjoyed at the news. What will Weight Watchers think if she has already gotten pregnant again? Has she already fulfilled her end of their multi-million dollar deal?

Rumors have also suggested that the new mom wants to marry her fiance before her second child is born. Well, she better hurry!

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