Is John Mayer a racist?

91118M5_MAYER_B-GR_01John Mayer attended the Slipper Room in New York City and opted to do a comedy routine. Nevermind the fact that he bombed his entire set, he was actually stepping on some toes. Apparently it was Pakistani comedian Kumail Nanjiani’s performance time.

Nanjiana kept mum about the stage hijacking until he attended comedy night at last night’s Get Of Your Knees at Bell House in Brooklyn.

He said that John bombed his twenty minutes and ate right into his time. Things only got hairy when John referred to the comedian as “Kabul”. If that wasn’t enough, John heckled Kumail, saying “he looked like a brown guy but sounded like a white guy.”

When John was asked about the incident, he said, “I felt really bad. I felt like I ruined his set.” Umm…duh! He also commented that the scenario was “combative in the sense that the crowd didn’t really accept the fact that the jock, the guy who gets the girls, was at a place where the guys go who talk about how they don’t get the girls.”

Racist? What do you think?

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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