Is John Mayer Cheating On Katy Perry?

Is John Mayer Cheating On Katy Perry?

John Mayer has become notorious for douching up his relationships with famous women. Remember how he dated Jennifer Aniston and then staged elaborate schemes to avoid the paparazzi who never showed up to photograph them together? Then, he called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm” in his interview with “Playboy” magazine. Well apparently he is messing things up with his current squeeze, Katy Perry.

The couple were looking all cozy and lovey dovey at the December 12th show of “A Christmas Story: The Musical”, but things are actually worse than they appear. According to sources, John has been cheating on Katy with some random chick that he uses for sex. How classy of him!

John met this random woman in 2011, but has been seeing her romantically ever since. A snitch said, “They meet frequently, just for sex dates. And they sext each other almost constantly.”

The source said, “She’s [Katy] totally into him. There’s a part of her that thinks she’s definitely reformed him, so she’d be totally devastated if she knew that John was cheating on her. John and this woman have incredible sexual chemistry and have been seeing each other nonstop since their first encounter almost two years ago.”