Is Kim Kardashian scaring off Kris Humphries?

Is Kim Kardashian scaring off Kris Humphries?

With a butt that’s said to be big enough to squash an entire town in one swoop, we’re hearing reports that reality star Kim Kardashian might just be scaring off her boyfriend, Kris Humphries!

Was it the sex tape? Because that would do it!

The Stir reports:

Case in point: Kris Humphries, her New Jersey Nets player boyfriend. Maybe it’s the Royal Wedding fever that seemed to spread the earth like wildfire, but Kim has really been on the fast track with Kris. Not only does she make her displays of affection for him public, she seems set on marrying him. And she’s letting the whole world know!

First, there was the, um, well, kind of embarrassing photo of her making a heart with her hands at one of his games. Kim, you’re so sexy, but … don’t do that. Remember when you rushed the field after Reggie Bush won the Super Bowl? Chill, baby girl.

Then, there is the talk that Kim will be leaving her homeland of Los Angeles for New York once the Nets season starts. Bold move.

And of course, there has been wedding chatter already. That’s enough to make the poor guy bolt. Don’t you think?

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  • suzie

    This chick loves attention! And let’s be honest, Kris is unemployed and could use the money by appearing on her reality show…(NBA looming lockout)..He’s not bothered by the chatter b/c there won’t be a wedding…She did all this crap w/ Miles Austin just a few months ago…Kim will do anything for money…Even if means hyping up a fake relationship 4 ratings….