Is Michael Jackson being buried tonight at Forest Lawn Memorial Park?

michael_jackson_viewingWe’ve heard that Michael Jackson’s final resting place will be in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, but we’re not sure yet as to whether or not Michael’s body will be at his memorial tomorrow at Staples Center.

ET has streaming footage of the Jackson family arriving at the cemetery along with a police escort and a hearse.

I wonder if they’re burying him tonight or whether it’s just a private ceremony. Well, private I guess, until you count ET flying over their heads with a chopper trying to get some sort of scoop.

Update: We’ve just learned that Michael’s body will be on display front and center at the Staples Center tomorrow.

Is Michael Jackson being buried tonight at Forest Lawn Memorial Park? was last modified: June 17th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • stephenv

    That was hella retarded, like 3 hearses pulled up and drove away.

    What is this, spot the right hearse, win a free thriller cup?

  • Coline

    I think Michael Jackson was a great guy, but there is a poll running over on stonejet saying he was evil, go and vote!!!!

    • Nikki

      It really dont matter what we think down here on earth, God got the last say so..What ever Michael did as well as us down here on this earth God will judge us for that..We dont know if the man did all these things he was accused of or not..So with that being said, i chose not to vote bc God got the last say so over michael and everyone in this world..So we as ppl need to be careful how we try and judge ppl…

  • bubba

    Who gives a fuck where the pervert is being buried?

    • Nikki

      Who are u to Judge..God said it’s his throne..So if u dont know for sure, then pls, shut up..RIP Michael Joseph Jackson..God bless his kids and family!!!!!

    • Henry

      Hey Bubba,

      Who even gives a fuck that you even exist. What have you ever contributed to make a difference. I think all of us here know, Absolutely nothing. Pretty sad when a man has to stoop as low as you have and bash someone who has already passed on.

      So sad that you have no compassion in your heart and wouldn’t even know what that is, even when offered to you.

      The saddest part is we have to tolerate people like you who are a poor excuse for being a human being!

      So Sad Willis!!!

      • Kourtni

        I agree with you, Henry. Michael Jackson was a man of integrity & of love.

    • Kourtni

      Michael is not a pervert. He did not do it. I hope you can’t sleep at night for saying that. How dare you say that about him. I would slap you in the face if I knew who you were.

    • Sharon

      What kind of a name is Bubba anyway. You should engage that tiny brain of yours first before opening that rather large mouth of yours.

      Think about his children and family and have some respect……

  • pamela schroeder

    I grow up with michael jackson His love for people was in his music,My heart go’s out to his 3 children, and the rest of the jackson family GOD BLESS YOUU ALL….

  • blameless

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone… He is dead how dumb is it to waste your time to bad mouth a dead man who cannot defend himself. Shame on you.

    • otto

      he deserved it in life and in death,rip beatch

      • Nikki

        I am gald I have a heart and that I have the love of Jesus that comes alone with it…God Bless U!!!!

    • Nikki

      Amen..I agree..So ppl are just so mean and dont care about other ppl nor there feelings…

  • Hollie

    I think Michael Jackson was more then the king of pop,he was a legend and idol to many people like me!My prayers are with the Jackson family and his kids.He inspired the world.Paris your speech touched me as well as other people.I am only a year younger then you so i can sort of feel your pain.

  • Dakota

    Michael was a great man! He was NOT a pedofile. Those lowlife families who accused him of molesting they’re children were at a run for his money! What kind of parent would ask their CHILD to stand up in a courtroom and lie to a judge about being molested! Michael loved children and would never hurt one as long as he lived.

    “People think they know me, but they don’t. Not really. Actually, I am one of the loneliest people on this Earth. I cry sometimes, because it hurts. It does. To be honest, I guess you could say it hurts to be me.” – Michael J. Jackson

    I believe every word of that statement. His fans, friends, and family know what those horrible people did to him. He was a very kind soul. I feel sorry for those lowlifes. That man did everything he could possibly do to help children and the rest of the world. I couldn’t think of a better man. My life is dedicated to try, at least try, to be as successful as the King of Pop. He sang what he felt in his heart in his music and inspired me to make a difference. His music will live forever, but, more importantly, Michael Joseph Jackson’s spirit will live on in our hearts forever. He left the biggest imprint on the world that I don’t think anyone will ever forget.

    ♥Long Live The King Of Pop!♥

    • Larry

      Comment deleted for inappropriate language. Behave yourselves!