Is Pippa Middleton Undateable?

Is Pippa Middleton Undateable?

Now that Pippa Middleton and former boyfriend Alex Loudon have gone their separate ways, Life & Style magazine is reporting that her “Royal Hotness” is undateable! Can you believe that?

The headline reads, “Pippa opens up” with the underneath text, “Dumped three times in six months, Kate’s pretty sister feels she’ll be alone forever. The mistakes she’s making that turn guys off.”

A pal said, “Pippa is scared she’ll never find someone who’ll be able to accept her life.”

I can understand that, now that her sister is royalty, her life has changed as well. But would it really be a turn off for guys to date Pippa? Somehow we find that hard to believe. Do you?

The insider said, “The men Pippa knows are all majorly turned off by the circus surrounding her. Things have gotten so bad, one British magazine has even dubbed it the ‘Pippa Problem.’ Pippa is happy for Kate and for her old university friends who are getting hitched, but she’s starting to wonder if she’ll ever find her own Prince Charming.”

What do you think?

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    We get it….who would want to be seen dating the biggest gold digger on planet Earth?