Is Prince William In Love With Pippa Middleton?

Is Prince William In Love With Pippa Middleton?

According to the latest issue of the National Enquirer, Prince William married Catherine Middleton, but he’s really in love with her sister, Pippa! Royal drama, I love it!

Insiders reveal that the scandal could take down the British monarchy. Pippa was invited to join the Royal family at Sadringham Palace for Christmas as a guest of her sister and the Prince and are using Prince Harry as an excuse. But, we’ve heard that the real reason behind that was so that William could spend more time with her.

An inside snitch revealed, “William has fallen hard for Pippa. He can’t take his eyes off her. William is just using Harry as a smokescreen so he can have Pippa close by.”

Sources close to Prince William say that he fantasizes about Pippa, saying, “My God, she’s so beautiful! Kate would be beyond furious if she knew what was really going on! This could end up in divorce…Prince William now realizes he’s had a long, deep-seated love for his wife’s sister.”

Right before the Royal wedding, some racy photos of Pippa leaked onto the internet, which left Kate upset. However, her husband actually loved the saucy snaps. The insider said, “But William LOVED the pictures. They were fuel for his fantasies. He’s asked himself time and again, ‘Did I marry the wrong sister?'”

Another source warned, “If this Pippa thing goes any further it could bring down the monarchy. Unless William lets go of his infatuation he could create the biggest royal scandal in recent history. Right now Pippa is his fantasy woman. We can only pray he comes to his senses and keeps it that way.”

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