Is Robert Pattinson gay?

In a new interview with “Details” magazine, Robert Pattinson said that he was allergic to girl parts. After being surrounded by naked chicks for hours on hand, the “Twilight” vamp said that he was just lucky that he was hungover.

He said, “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vaginas. But I can’t say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours…Thank God I was hungover.”

Read the full interview here. Do you think he’s gay? (Not that it matters either way.)

Is Robert Pattinson gay? was last modified: February 13th, 2010 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Carmen

    No, I don’t think he’s gay. That’s just the kind of stuff he says because he doesn’t have a filter. Also, Details is a magazine that seems geared towards gay men so… Daniel Radcliffe came off pretty gay in his too.

    • sharon

      I agree. I think he just was a tad embarassed by the whole venture. Thus "Allergic" means uncomfortable. I loved the whole article. Seems very bright to me. You are right. No filter. Makes him a little more human to me

    • Jalisa

      I thought it was well known that Daniel is gay. Here in England he doesn't try to hide it. He prolly came off as being gay in the interview, cause he is.

      • GoneGreen

        Wow are you wrong. Maybe you should pay a little more attention to Daniel before you comment on him. He's said several times that he's straight.

  • Chris

    I personally think the fact that he can boldly state that he hates vaginas in this fashion when he knows all the world will read it shows him as definitely not gay (closeted men seem to love to make sure you know they're with some woman) and quite funny.

  • JayP

    He was speaking in relation to the photoshoot. I think he's a rather shy, very intelligent, and very witty british guy. And what gay man is uncomfortable around women? In contrast, I'm a hetero woman. I love men. I love to have sex with men. But I think the penis is by far the most unattractive part of the male anatomy. It doesn't make me gay.

  • sdws

    I love vagina… I am not gay, never heard of a breeder state he hates the Vag

  • son unos estupidos

    esta siendo graciosa, I love Him

  • RocknRolla

    Most of the vaginas I know stink. Not quite sure if that says more about them or about me. If I'm allergic to cats does that mean I'm allergic to pus…uhhh never mind.

  • giselle

    i think this is another one of those interviews that, what he actually said was again taken out of context. Rob has said it before anything he say's will always be twisted when it comes out on print. Watch a video on youtube where him and Matt Lauer made fun off all the lies that was written about him.

  • m hart

    Yuck..this article is just plain gross…so inappropriate that he could not have known exactly what he was saying…he is very small I understand …like 3 inches..he is very effeminate in his manners and no self esteem. He is also has an extra toe.

  • catx

    If you read his other comments about elephants, etc. it's pretty obvious he was joking around and being silly, which he is famous for. Come on, take it in the spirit it was intended. Get a life.

    • Mark

      yea gay men catx are famous for being silly i mean straight men are famous for having a silly goofball attitude.

  • Amy

    He may not be gay, but when you make a statement like that… don’t be mad when they start speculating about your sexuality. Is John Mayer starting a trend now? The trend of not thinking before you speak and saying blatantly stupid things?

    • Mark

      When you make a statement like that then you are gay what out of that statement would make him straight amy.

      • Mark

        hes lieing about his sexuallity its an old time saying and straight guys his age wouldnt probably use termanology that is an older generation joke and something thats a little more relavent. also hes in denial prolly cuz all of these women on here think of him as some god and if they find out that he is a gay god then they would have there wet dreams ruined

  • Rix

    Oh, how the marketing guys will spin this….star is gay… Rock Hudson…Monty…James Robert the fang boy…..oh how wonderful

  • Al Bundy

    I am allergic to vagina too – it makes me swell up – in my pants!

    • Peg

      Oh that's good!! LOLOLOL….you think perhaps that is what he meant? Peg

  • Truth

    Who cares if he's gay? I just think he's trying too hard. Trying to be the next James Dean/River Phoenix/Leo DiCaprio/(insert any wannabe troubled young "next big thing" actor here). I know it's all part of the game, but man…quit trying too hard because you're doing it wrong…

  • Jake

    If women did not have vaginas there would be bountys on them.

  • BellaMadonna1

    The interviewer left of the rest of Rob’s comment – “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vaginas. They make my dick swell up.” That’s what he actually said. So, no. Rob is definitely NOT gay! Sorry Adam Lambert. You’re out of luck bay-bay!


    • dorym

      How do you know he said that? What's wrong with this picture? That is a bizarre thing for any man to say.

    • Mark

      Why is it that just because of what the joke says automatically makes him straight you mean a gay man in denial couldn't possibly say that same joke….. a little gullable are we…..

  • C Gilbraun

    When the world is listening, why would you choose to say something so random, confusing, and demeaning?

    • dorym

      I don't get it. Is he a misogynist or just dumb? First he complains that he can't get laid in LA, then he complains about a shoot with beautiful naked women. I know he's only 23 but he sounds like a 14 year old kid.

  • Guest

    He was using typical British overstatement to say that he was uncomfortable with the nudity in the photo shoot. Read the article.

    • Mark

      Exactly he is uncomfortable with female nudity because he is gay!!!!

  • smg

    It came off like the interviewer was a bit off quite frankly. I'm not sure that I would trust the interview as being accurate overall.

    • Mark

      as accurate smg on how his expression looks in the photo…. a little grossed out….

  • SLP

    I don't even like Robert Pattinson. But this is about the most ignorant thing I've read this week.

    • Mark

      you mean sort of like your attitude SLP….

    • jamielee

      I think ur rong

  • Otaci

    He probably swells up from the allergy….

  • Mari

    He’s joked around like that in numerous interviews…he said himself he feels an obligation to be fascinating…at least god I hope so…no offense (because I’m so f***ng in love with him) but I hope he clears this one up like he did with the whole personal hygiene joke that was taken way too far by the media. He’s so sexy, beautiful and talented…many womens hearts would break…sigh…

    • Mark

      Mari is in denial everyone… It is very easy for a gay man to be so sexy, beautiful and talented. And the personal hygiene joke was taken to far by the media he doesnt take care of himself he rarely even showers let alone changes his boxers. and only straight men are obligated to be fascinating…

  • Brigitte Pattz


    • Mark

      maybe Deborah its not misunderstood maybe its very understood and he like a lot of gay men are playful and silly… And Brigitte pattz your right There isnt a gay man alive today that is masculine all of them are flammers….

  • Hmm

    Is he dating kristen?

  • Deborah

    No he's not gay. He just has a wicked sense of humor that sometimes gets misunderstood. The whole article shows how playful and silly he was being.

  • Cinthia

    I think it was just sarcasm, Like No, 12 hour shoot with all these women with their vagina's in my face,no this is horrible, I hate Vagina's ,I'm even allergic to them.(haha).I think it was probably something like that and as writers often do to get readers. I believe they turned it around to make it something else.

    • Mark

      yea something like that cinthia gay men or straight men are very sarcastic and talk a lot about how they hate or joke about hating vaginas …..

  • Alex

    Who cares if he is gay, it wouldnt change anything?

  • kitty

    It's a joke don't you get it, he is allerigic because they make him swell, sorry to be so graphic but it's a common saying. Honestly what a huge overreaction.

    • Mark

      A little gullable are we kitty… you believe every joke you hear especially when all of it is a joke…

  • Kate

    Guys, he's not gay. i know this guy pretty fucking well even if i don't personally. i'm pretty sure this photoshoot made him feel uncomfortable and everything. and him hating vaginas, doesn't make him gay. i'm not gay and i'm not a big fan of penis's. that doesn't make me a lesbian. it's more so that, i don't want them dangling in my face, keep em under the covers and guys are plain sexy.

    it's one photoshoot. i mean Ashley Greene did a nude photoshoot. They're photoshoots. No biggy.

    • Dewaltd

      Honestly. Go on YouTube And type in Robert pattinson gay and you'll see him kiss a guy, i think he is gay, but that doesnt change anything.

      • Mark

        Wow it seems two people here are in denial about their own sexuallity like rob is as well…….First the film he did before Twilight is called little ashes and its about the gay relationship between salvidor dahli and garcia which are two famous artist and poet. He talks a lot in interviews about how his two older sisters use to dress him up as a girl when he was a boy, and if you talk to a lot of gay bottoms they will say how they use to play dressup when they were little boys…Also listen to the commentary of TWILIGHT, it clearly shows how gay his is. First he quotes a Jennifer lopez video (the way it looked when carlisle walks into the hospital to treat bella) then he jokes about doing the beyonce biopic. Ive never heard a straight guy quote so many gay icons before. He is always making fun of how he portrayed edward to how he looks making him to be a gay man which is a classic hate on yourself thing which many gay guys do before comming out. His laugh like soo many gay guys is very high pitched and when he stops he kind of realizes it sounded girly and then follows by talking in a real low voice to try to cover up how it sounded. There is a common joke on how pretty rob is said by fellow friends of his. His audition tape for twilight was originally played with him and another guy which was never released. In the commentary of New Moon both directors said rob looked like a girl running in alices vision of bella being a vampire. Rob himself in the commentary of twilight say he was never good at sports classic sign of being gay not to offend anyone He also says how he has feminin hands. Rob a lot of the times sounds confusing and that people is because he is confused about his sexuality. Also watch his reaction to women not just in this interview but also when he greets girls he always seems scared or pushed off because of them which is prolly because he doesnt sexually like them. The point is its to obvious that he is gay, and theres nothing wrong with it he still does a great job as Edward and thats all that counts… and i recognize all of this because i am also gay and these are classic signs of how my attitude,actions and personallity was before comming out…

      • jamielee

        i saw him say hell kiss a boy! :P toodals :)

    • annonomous

      you go girl

  • kitty

    I think he's messing with everyone!

  • Lynn

    What an idiot. The only thing this guy had going for him, as far as an acting career, was the fact that women across the planet all lost their minds and projected their love of fictional book character, Edward Cullen, onto him. So let's insult them all right before he releases a couple of movies, hoorah! Maybe now he can go back to being whatever it is he'd have been without Harry Potter and Twilight … an unknown alcoholic-in-the-making, bumbling around in low-budget indie flicks that no one cares about. He's a horrible actor and when he's not tweezed and made up to within an inch of his life, he's not even physically attractive. The faster his shooting star plummets, the better.

    • greentreefrog

      Sour grapes much! What a biaaaatch jealous comment. He is the most gorgeous creature on the planet and with a brain to boot AND something to say! At least he doesn't pretend to be some mindless pretty boy like all those Hollywood "Ken" dolls. Maybe you would prefer someone like that instead? Don't believe everything you read in the tabloids. Most of it is there to sell magazines anyway. He can put his shoes under my bed any day of the week!

      • Mee

        I don't think Lynn is jealous, I think SHE has a point. He is not that good looking, and not that good of an actor. I don't think he's going to last long after Twilight is done filming…maybe one or two sucky films (wait…Twilight is one of them! Glorified crap!)

    • annonimous

      you are a bitch

    • Vera

      he IS a brilliant actor! and also EVERYONE's life changes when he/she take part to a famous movie!i has to be changed! wtf i think you're very VERY wrong and unfair in what you say. everyone has the right to do and become what he want.. he won't ask you before! pleasee….

  • Guest

    Gosh, and he probably showers and doesn't smell bad!

  • Paekas Patty

    It's an old British joke. "DOCTOR DOCTOR, I think I'm allergic to vaginas!! Why do you think that sir? Because every time I see one I swell up and need to rub."
    he has a fantastic british humor!!!! He is hilarius!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roberta

    I guess you didn't know that countries exist outside of the UK. So, no, we don't get your British humor. But I love your accents.

  • Dark

    at least leo dicaprio is a good actor

  • RedLuv

    Yes, he's GAY, Accept it. Live with it jajaja!!!

    • Rikki Braun

      rob is not gay he is sooo hot and sexy

  • Matt

    I'm surprised at a lot of the reactions here. "Gay" doesn't mean you are retarded or stupid, it is sexual preference. From a lot of what I have seen of him in interviews, magazine quotes, etc, I'd say there is a pretty good chance he is actually a gay man. Worried about his popularity and reputation, he is not public about it. I also get the feeling it's frustrating him not being able to be public about it. He has dropped a few subtle hints, but unfortunately they never seem to get followed up by the interviewers. Let's wait and see, anyway….


  • IDon'tCare

    I don't care if he is gay, he is still eye candy, and that is all any of us will have of him anyway. He is obviously a good actor. Give the man some credit where credit is due.

    Robert you are a doll, your interviews are sincere and I really like that. Good guys always win in the end, remember that. I know, I have had my share of bad boys, but the guy that I married is a good guy, and women do appreciate that after they grow up.

  • Leah

    Rob may be a gay! Come on guys he is not the only one! I am QUITE sure some very very very famous celebs are also bisexual,lesbians,gays..e.t.c and they hide it! I am not supporting Rob becuz I don't really like him..I am just telling my opinion..being a gay doesn't tells anything about who you are

  • Lol

    April Fools!

  • Lucy

    Go Sophie! ^^ :P my thoughts EXACTLY!

  • Sophie ,

    Errm-Mark , Shut Up! First off all it dosent really matter does it? And i actually dont think he is gay – and its spelt gullible not 'Gullable.' Your comments are stupid as your arguing with everyones opinions. Your opinion is that he is gay , mine is that he is not gay and that the interviewer left parts out to create drama aka money :P You cant change opinions. I think YOUR actually the one in denial because you suspect him of being straigh :O ! ahaha! I don't even like Robert so im not biased.

  • not telling you!

    ugggh! everywone believes everything the lying paparatzi says! let me tell you something just because he is famous doesnt give you the right to post this everywhere. i know he isnt gay and if he was it wouldnt change how good of an actor he is. so all of you who believe that he is gay guit being so gullible. he is my favorite actor and so you paparatzi people guit lying and trashing him.

    • samsgregs

      ok i agree with most of what you said….. except how the hell would you know if he's gay strait bi or anything else… i don't care if he is dating engaged or even married, it doesn't mean anything… so please don't say "i know he isn't gay" unless you done em … everything else is 100% okXD

    • joel

      bitch u didn't even know who he was before twilight came out


    robert is HOTT id ont know why people talk smack about him if they dont kno anything…..peeps out there who say hes gay just say that cuz theyre just probably jealous or just hate him… TAKE A BREAK!!!!!….

  • Beloved of God

    Homosexuality an abomination to God.. Mmm Jesus is coming soon, he Loves you all!!! God loves the sinners but hates the sin, He only wants the best for everyone! Take a leap of faith and get to know him before time runs out and Jesus takes his people soon! The world is coming to an end! God Bless

    • martin

      go to hell you homophobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • victor

    Thought he was gay before even hearing anyone else's opinion. He even calls himself gay in the interview on "Twilight" 's video.He is talking with Kristen and the director of Twilight. They are critiquing the show and in the background they explain their opinions and he says "I am so gay". If it quacks like a duck, says he is a duck, and has to have Kristen for camouflage, I think he is very gay and his agents think that it would ruin the chances they will make money off him if he came out. I think he wants to come out and keeps trying to. Feel sorry for him, what a life he is having to live.

  • Dao Thailand

    I think he. is so gay

  • sarocha

    And he's not so tall

  • Josh

    i hope SO! :)

  • Mz.hp7

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob Pattinson IS gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alli

    What the hell. They are saying Taylor Lautner is gay too. MEDIA PEEPS, YOU NEED TO SHUT THE HELL UP AND STOP CREATING RUMORS! >.< Who CARES if they are? (Which I really don't think they are) For one…Rob is engaged to Kristen, correct? Taylor has dated girls. Including Taylor Swift (Although I'm still deciding whether that was a rumor or not) But there were pictures of him with his girlfriend, and a few interviews with him talking about what girls he's dated (Not exact names of course) So leave them alone! Gay or not, I love them both <3

  • RealTalk

    well young ones u never really know if someone is gay str8 or bi even if they say,they could be lien u never know so all these fucken robert fans take it like a man if hes gay hes gay all these robert h8ers stfu and get a fucken life.seriously…

  • RealTalk

    And another fuckin thing…just because there dating girls dont mean shit i mean look at tom cruise wife and kids but somethin in the closet….sorry if this afends u

  • Donna

    Yep he's a homo.