Is Sam Hunt The Next Taylor Swift?

Is Sam Hunt The Next Taylor Swift?

Fans of the sultry country-turned-pop singer Taylor Swift are still divided about her transition, but now everyone is asking whether Sam Hunt is going to choose the same route?

The first impression Sam Hunt will give people that haven’t heard his name before will most likely regard him as a hip-hop or R&B artist. In terms of fashion he doesn’t exactly fit the country scene, given his Drake/Chris Brown choice of clothing, but when he opens his mouth there is a distinctive Southern undertone.

After building a career as a songwriter he decided to get behind the microphone himself and now he has two hits that are dominating the pop and country charts, namely “Leave the Evening On” and “Take your Time”. It’s safe to say that he has several diverse influences when it comes to music, but he openly stated that he has no interest in following the footsteps of Swift.

In a recent interview he conveyed that he’s happy with the fans his music is reaching, although it’s not something that will influence his approach. In fact, there is a better chance of him breaking out in an R&B song than “pulling a Taylor Swift”. Country fans will probably be happy with his statement. However, by now everyone is aware that the entertainment business is in charge of making the changes, not the artist.

At the moment Hunt’s devotion to county is still strong and his latest project involves being the opening act for Lady Antebellum’s upcoming “Wheels Up” tour. For now country music fans can relax and enjoy his debut album entitled “Montevallo”.

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