Is This Justin Bieber’s Rumored Baby’s Mother – Mariah Yeater? (PHOTO)

Is This Justin Bieber's Rumored Baby's Mother - Mariah Yeater? (PHOTO)

Last night, the news broke that 20-year-old Justin Bieber fan, Mariah Yeater, claimed that she had the teen singer’s baby. Her baby is now three months old and she says that she hooked up with the Biebz a year ago.

Mariah is suing Justin over paternity and claims that he impregnated her after a 30 second encounter where he declined to use a condom. He reportedly told her that it was his first time, so he wanted to feel everything.

Justin’s lawyers went on the attack, calling Mariah’s claims malicious, defamatory and false.

I have to wonder why she would say she hooked up with him when she was 19 and he was only 16. Sounds like statutory rape to me. What do you think?

Besides all of that, we nosed around and found this could-be photo of Mariah. It’s fuzzy and the Facebook account it was retrieved from has been deleted….Suspicious! I wonder what Selena Gomez thinks of all of this?

UPDATE: Star magazine has posted this photo of Mariah Yeater and Justin’s alleged baby!

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