Jack Osbourne says his father is not an idiot

Ozzy Osbourne
[Image Credit: Marta Monster via Flickr]

Jack Osbourne is attempting to set the record straight about his dad. He says that he thinks The Osbournes has portrayed his father as a “bit of a senile, funny, bumbling guy”, but says, “Yeah, my dad can be that guy, but it’s not [all of] him.”

Jack has recruited his friends and his dad’s former bandmates so that they can contribute to a documentary on the singer.

He says of his father, “My dad’s not an idiot = he’s nothing short of a genius, in my opinion. He does have huge flaws, and we’re trying to really paint an honest picture of that.”

The film is going to be titled John.

I’ll watch it, I love the Ozzman. He totally rocks.

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