Jake Gyllenhaal In A Cop Uniform With A Gun (Photo)

Jake Gyllenhaal In A Cop Uniform With A Gun (Photo)

Usually, under normal circumstances, we would have nothing but good things to say about Jake Gyllenhaal — especially in uniform. Here he is, on the set of his new movie, End Of Watch — WITH HIS HEAD SHAVED.

Ugh, it feels like betrayal. What happened to that cute little hair cut that he had? Now he looks like Mr. Clean! Argh.

From the agency’s description:

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal joined his new partner Michael Pena on the set of “End Of Watch” in Los Angeles, California on August 2, 2011. The film focuses on the guys as long time partners on the force.

They just had to make him look like a douche, didn’t they? If they wanted Bruce Willis for the role, they should have just hired him. Why does Hollywood always want to make the pretty boys into these atrocious monsters?!?

Ugh, I just can’t.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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