Jake Gyllenhaal risked arrest as a teen

Jake Gyllenhaal risked getting arrested as a teen – for stealing swimming trunks from a store!

He admitted that he was only sixteen-years-old when the challenge arose, despite the risk of being arrested. He said, “I was with my best friend at the time and he would always dare me to do things – I guess my natural sense of performance would come out. We were in the Beverly Center just near Hollywood and walked by the Speedo store, and he said, ‘I dare you to go in there, put on a Speedo in the dressing room and walk out to see if they follow you. No clothes.'”

He went on to reveal, “I was tackled by security guards as the alarm went off, but I just kept walking and walking, right down through the marble hall. It was pretty exciting.”

Jake is crazy!

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