Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift are moving in together?

They’ve just started seeing each other, but rumor has it that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift are already ready to move in together.

Sources claim that the couple feel like they are meant to be together and are ready to take their relationship to the next level.

A source said, “Taylor is beaming and Jake has never been happier. They’re already dead set on moving in together and are talking about marriage, which is exciting for her because she has so many dreams about that fairytale ending. Taylor is hoping he’ll pop the question. It could even be as early as next year. This romance was just so unexpected. Jake has fallen hard. He feels like she’s ‘the one’. People are telling them to slow down because Taylor’s so young, but she has been a star for years so she’s very mature.”

I don’t think I believe this one just yet. They only started dating a couple of months ago. Let’s give them a little more time together before we jump to conclusions.

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