Jake Pavelka to pose nude for Playgirl?

On top of the announcement that Vienna Girardi is posing for Playboy, it appears that her ex-fiancee Jake Pavelka might be showing a little bit of skin himself.

Playgirl’s VP of Marketing, Daniel Nardicio, is still trying to figure out how much a shoot with the former Bachelor is worth. He said, “We’re determining the value of a shoot with Jake, who exemplifies our classic American guy at Playgirl. It’s obvious he likes the limelight, and I intuit that he looks good naked. Most people realize that reality show fame is fleeting and largely a dead end for the actors, so this is a way to extend that fame, and make a cute profit off of it.”

When asked how pay is determined, Nardicio said, “I have a lot of factors that I add together to figure out a model’s worth. I guess like a c*** calculator.”

He said that it would be in the six figure range. He better hurry before the public gets bored with him!

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