Jaleel White Reacts To ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Elimination

Jaleel White Reacts To 'Dancing With The Stars' Elimination

“Family Matters” stars Jaleel White and his professional dance partner Kym Johnson have become the latest couple to be eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars“. White isn’t mad about his exit from the hit dancing competition, in fact, he doesn’t have any regrets about taking part in the show.

After the elimination, he said that the biggest thing he is taking away from the experience is “Friendships!” He went on to say, “Believe me, when I go to Miami I’m calling William Levy!”

He also talked about working with Johnson, saying, “If anything, I really respected her work ethic, so that’s why I enjoyed having my daughter around her. I always want my daughter to see me work and it’s not all fame and games. It’s work. We put it in.”

White will next take on his new game show, “Total Blackout”, of which he says, “I’m really happy people are seeing me in a different light. I’ve been stepping out my comfort zone and I’m going to keep on doing it.”

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