James Blunt Disses Own Hit Song ‘You’re Beautiful’

James Blunt Disses Own Hit Song 'You're Beautiful'

It doesn’t say much about a song if the artist isn’t proud of it. Singer James Blunt has issues with his hit song “You’re Beautiful”. This song is what made him famous, yet he has problems with the song. Maybe he needs to be a little more appreciative about the song that made him famous. Don’t you just hate when an artist complains about a song that is a hit? There’s always an artist who says they are tired of singing the song that was a big hit.

During an interview with “Hello” magazine, the singer spoke about his songs. He felt that his hit song “You’re Beautiful” was shoved down people’s throats. Blunt said the song was annoying. This is an odd opinion for a singer to have about a song that put him on the map. Maybe he has been listening to the opinions of others and decided to join them in their opinion about his song.

The British singer feels that he is associated with the song and believes he was marketed to appeal to a certain demographic of women and it made him lose fans. The singer felt that the record company made him appear to be a person that he isn’t.

Since the release of “You’re Beautiful”, he has released three other CDs that did well internationally. He is not as successful in America as he is overseas. Maybe he should have been grateful for the one hit he did get here. Funny, he probably wasn’t complaining about the song in 2005 when he was topping the charts with it. Fast forward nine years and he thinks the song is annoying. If he’s around in another nine years, he will be wishing he had success like he did when the song was released.

In case you’re feeling nostalgic for the song:

Are you annoyed by the song or are you a fan?

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