James Franco Denied Sex With Lindsay Lohan

James Franco Denied Sex With Lindsay Lohan

If you’ve looked at Lindsay Lohan in the past five years and thought no one would be wise to go near that firecrotch with a ten foot pole, then congratulations, you are not alone. Apparently James Franco had that very opportunity, but quietly backed away from it.

Lindsay offered up her goody parts to James years ago, but even then, he wasn’t going anywhere near that. can you blame the guy? He probably had no idea what she was into then and still doesn’t. At least when he was questioned about it by Howard Stern, he was a gentleman about it!

We were surprised to learn that James actually turned her down… We aren’t sure about the exact time frame with regard to his rejection, but he was just about mum on Lindsay’s offering up the firecrotch.

To learn exactly what went down between Lindsay and James, head on over to Celebrity VIP Lounge. Seriously, it’s that funny. Poor Lindsay can’t even give it away, can she?

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