James Franco Posts Racy Instagram Selfie

James Franco Posts Racy Instagram Selfie

James Franco posted the above photo on his official Instagram account. He’s been acting pretty weird lately, hasn’t he?

Some of the craziness began when he hit on 17-year-old Lucy Clode when she saw him in New York City. She was there with her mother just short of her eighteenth birthday and he was pretty skeevy in his private messages with her.

Since, he has posted photos of himself in bed and has gone on the defensive with regard to his Instagram shenanigans with Lucy. He captioned the above photo which shows the actor sweating: “JUMP ROPE.”

Franco quickly removed the image from the social networking website, but alas, nothing is ever really deleted from the internet for good — is it?

We also have yet to learn if the photo was meant for someone special or if he was just putting that out there for all to see? What do you think?

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