James Owen Sullivan, Avenged Sevenfold drummer, found dead at 28

This year has been so awful for celebrity deaths. 2009 has really claimed a lot of souls, including Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Brittany Murphy and countless others. Now, we’ve just learned that the grim reaper has claimed another one: Avenged Sevenfold’s 28-year-old drummer, James Owen Sullivan.

Reportedly, the young drummer died of natural causes, according to Huntington Beach authorities. He was found dead in his home and the Coroner’s Office is investigating his untimely death.



The band has issued this statement regarding The Rev’s death:

“It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly, he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.”

James Owen Sullivan, Avenged Sevenfold drummer, found dead at 28 was last modified: January 17th, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Zomg

    For REALZ? Nature causes, I.E: drug overdose?

  • Alesana

    when i first red it tweeted by altpress on twitter i was lyk “NO FUCKIN WAY!!” this cant be happening. srsly i woke up and feelin unwell today and now i know why im so. deepest condolences for FAMILY AND THE WHOLE CREW OF A7X. ma life wouldnt be completed without u guys. i heart ya’ll. REST in PEACE THE REV. :))
    u’re our wicked drummer!

  • Anne Brown

    That is so sad… great drummer. Amazing band. RIP.

  • Alex Bartlett

    How the hell did he die of natural causes?!

    • megan

      exactly what im tryin to figure out!!
      R.I.P jimmy<3
      best drummer ever

  • Goodferyoooooo

    Natural causes my ass.

    I wonder if he’ll get buried with that stupid haircut.

    • Sabrina

      Wow, why don’t you show a little fucking respect. If you wanted to say something like that, why would you even post that… his death has hit some people pretty hard, so go fuck yourself…

    • a7xrocker

      u watch your fuckin mouth, this man has done great things in the music industry and made some awesome albums… u need to respect him at a time like this you fuckin bitch

      • christine

        i couldnt agree more. it hit me pretty hard adn i actually like his haircut. its unique, no tmany have it, and its apart of his unique style and amazing talent we all love so much. he was awesome. he was just the best. and i loved that band. so how would u like if i came over and cut ur hair like that and gave you some natural causes. that’d be fucking revenge for your smart ass remarks. mr. non-respectable asshole.

      • Chris

        Lol, you act as if he’s a saint or something.. He hasn’t done shit for the music industry. The only thing A7X did for the industry was further pollute it with more horrible emo/scene music for all the little 14 year old girls to finger themselves to. They fucking suck! The vocals suck the guitar sucks and worst of all the DRUMS suck.. Stop kidding yourself when you say this man needs to be respected, why should I have to show respect when he has not one bit of respect for himself. I shouldn’t have to take this clown seriously and respect as a musician is the last thing id give him.

    • abbey

      the rev was one of the most amazing drummers i honestly will agree with everyone else .. you NEED to respect him & about his haircut .. it WAS unique so dont even fuckin talk shit about him
      youre so fuckin ignorant & disrespectful

      • Chris

        Its not unique when 14 million other emo female teenagers have the same haircut.


      Yeah, it is a lame haircut. And now all his emo followers are going to write you nasty replies…right after they get done cutting themselves and writing in their journals about how dark they are….. fuckin emo fags. um dont mix uppers and downers(heart attack etc is a “natural cause” even if its because of drugs). new flash assholes wtf should anyone feel bad for, he was 28, probably wanted to die and hell iure it felt reAL good.

      • Stefko

        what can you expect from assholes like you? probably the same bunch of fags that bashed michael jacksons death too. I bet you’re googling ‘James Owen Sullivan’ right now to find a place to tell every1 how much you hated him, and still, you fuckers didnt even know him. none of us did, but WE (the fans) know he was a great man. And to us he’ll stay a great man. Rest In Peace Jimmy. <3



  • Joannemb

    Goodferyoooooo your a fuck wit.

    r.i.p rev.

  • Melissa

    He just died, assholes. Stop with the disrespect. The Rev was an amazing drummer. The drums are the heart of the band. A7x won’t be the same without him. Rest in peace james Owen Sullivan.

    • A sky full of arsenic

      UH, wake the fuck up, Revs beats were fuckin stale. Hell the only thing good in that band is the fucking guitars.Gene Hoglan is amazing, Frost is amazing.Rev; Not so much.

  • bryana

    that is terrible what more can go wrong he will be missed and always be loved

  • Daniel Sharp

    How The Hell does someone die from natural causes at the age of 28? That doesnt happen and it didnt happen

  • villi

    Natural Causes?? Do you really think a perfectly healthy 28 year old guy is just gonna drop dead naturally??? NO FUCKING WAY


    • Blizbot

      RIP James Sullivan , you’re the best :(

      And How the fuck you know he was healthy? -.- were you is doctor!?

  • dood

    Hopefully Avenged Sevenfold will disband. They are the worst band ever, on par with ICP.

    • jisfltyb

      your a cunt

      • dood

        Learn to spell. It’s “you’re” not “your”.

        • christine

          You’re still a cunt. end of story.

        • JAke

          It’s Dude, not dood.
          Learn to spell.
          and You’re a cunt.

    • Kyyamy

      really can’t you be a little good
      he just died come on
      i didn’t like the band that much they were cool
      but i know he was awesome and one of the best drummers in the world so come on
      a little of respect here

      • dood

        Ummmm, no.

        • Randomkid

          Quick question, why on earth are you on here trashing a great band. Show a little respect. You should go to his funeral and just flat out yell “James was a good for nothing kid who did nothing with his life”. You really have a way to put someone in a bad mood. So how about you get of your ass and go outside.

          P.S. You’re a cunt.

          • christine

            I like you randomkid. (: you make my day.

          • dood

            Being in a bad mood over a post about a dead drummer in a shit band is not a good sign for you so maybe you’re the one that should go outside, it may cheer you up. Or maybe you should just kill yourself now. Whatever.

          • SomeGuy

            I love the irony in this. You’re sitting at a computer replying to comments like this over a dead drummer (rest in peace, Rev) in a band you don’t even like and you’re telling someone else to “go outside,” one of the most played out insults on the internet. The time gap between your posts shows you have nothing better to do with your life. It’s almost as if you’re sitting here waiting for people to respond.

            Back on topic, rest in peace, Rev. And sorry for your loss, Avenged Sevenfold/the family of James Sullivan.

          • rios

            thank you for that…


          • dood

            If you look back you’ll see that I was told to go outside in the first place and I do go outside, the time gap reflects this because the posts were 9 hours apart (9 hours where I wasn’t at the computer, DURR). Had I had nothing better to do I would’ve replied with less time. Some failed logic you have there, my friend.

            I’m just an asshole, to be honest. I find amusement in pissing people off. It’s a past time of mine, like your past time is probably headbanging to some Avenged Sevenfold. YEAH, you’re cool..not. I really couldn’t care less about this dude, I just find people being sad about some shitty drummer offing himself to be idiotic and I’m taking full advantage of the situation.

          • SomeGuy

            It doesn’t change the fact you are still coming back to an article to comment on a page about someone/a band you don’t even like. And I know they told you to “go outside” first, but you’re a hypocrite by saying that also. Aaaand it seems you’re the one acting idiotic by using your opinion of someone as a fact. Congratulations.

            Anyway, I know you’re just some troll and I, like other people, are taking the bait, so I guess I’m done after this. It’s not like I can change your opinion of Jimmy or your “internet tough guy” act. Although I would like you to explain how you think people being sad over someone they cared for is idiotic.

            And as a side note, I don’t head bang to them, but they are one of my favorite bands. Just tossing that out there. I know you don’t care.

          • dood

            Whether I like the band or not doesn’t matter, I have an opinion and I’m allowed to say how I feel. FYI, you should know what the word hypocrite means before you use it. A hypocrite is someone that contradicts their actions with what they say. I do actually go outside so telling someone to go out is not hypocritical. I think it would be a good thing for that sad person to go outside, I really do.

            Also, I’m not just a tough guy on the internet. I say this stuff to people I know that like Avenged Sevenfold and they don’t care cause they’re not retarded and don’t get all emotional over some dirtbag they don’t actually know.

          • Paddro

            Just seeing you putting so much effort into this argument kinda proves you really don’t have anything better to do with your life. I liked A7X I’m not gonna start praising them like gods but they’re a good band and he was a wicked drummer but is it really necessary to go through this much effort to slate a band you don’t even like? Besides even if you don’t like them they were fucking successful and if you do eventually get to a point in your life when you can afford to OD in a massive extremely nice house and have people actually care about it then you’re at liberty to try and talk shit about them. You never know maybe if you do people will take the piss out of you on internet forums as well :)

            Oh and yeah you really are a cunt

          • dood is a cunt.

            seriously “dood” you are a megacunt.

            when i saw this an kept scrolling and seeing replies from you, all i could think was, “why the eff is he still on here if he hates the rev and a7x?”

            get a lifeee

            i completely agree with paddro.

            the nerve of people.. geez.

          • abbey

            i so agree with you randomkid & dood or whoever you are .. hes DEAD he was only 28 yrs old so if youre goin to continue to be disrespectful , i cant believe im actually sayin this but i really hope you die

      • A7X lame

        I believe you are being a little too complimentary on “one of the best drummers in the world”. First and foremost, the band sucks. PERIOD. Secondly, drummers are a dime a dozen. Lastly, NATURAL FUCKING CAUSES?!?! Is it a conspiracy or just a lack of intelligence to label a death “natural”. Plainly you can see in Brittany Murphy, she was a coke head/drug addict, ect. This guy’s appearance screams “DRUGS were involved”. Yes, I’m profiling, and if you are so hurt or even the least bit offended by my off-colored remarks then I have accomplished what I have come to do. End of argument.

  • Abdul Hansamu

    i very sad… i hope him rest in peace… T_T

  • sam

    im in pure shock. this man has been my idol since i was nine years old, i looked up to him, he was the only reason i started playing drums. i even dressed like him when i was a kid. my heart would feel lighter if you threw ten bricks on it. and people, stop with the disrespectful comments. he was an incredible man, he may have liked drinking and smoking, and that may have been the cause of his death, but he was an AMAZING drummer and thats what he will be remembered for. REST IN PEACE JAMES SULLIVAN :( <3

  • Kyyamy

    Can’t believe it another one gone…
    One of the world’s greatest drummers The Rev
    hey The Rev rest in peace man you were amazing

  • blasphymy

    what a huge shock, at the climax of their careers, he was such an important and fundamental part of the band.

    at least his amazing ability and creativity have been immortalized through his music.

  • Feri “Garis Lurus”

    Assalaamu’alaikum..warrahmatuulaahi wabarakaatuh…
    Gudbye My bro’….we’re so sad if looked “FUNERAL FOR YOU”…..
    A7X will difficult to find another drumer like you….
    keepin metal…

  • fgm5150

    At any age death comes for us all, what haunts us are the unanswered questions. How did he die of natural casues? Why did he die so young? It could have been the life of a rockstar/musician which is pretty hard unto itself, it could be that something was not quite right physically and tragically it caught up with him, it could be that certain other things did catch up with him finally and physically; whatever the cause, whether one is young, middle age, or old our time must come to an end. The questions go on and on and so will the memory of such a great talent. “The Rev”, by far one of the most prolific drummers to have ever graced the skins will be heavily and dearly missed. We should all just think of how short life is and can be. I hope the rest of the band are able to cope and stay together as a unit, I’m sure your drummer would have wanted that. Sure mourn your loss, but also keep going forward in his memory. No one can ever be replaced in life, much less your friend and brother. I feel for your loss. To the fans just stick with your band, and to those who have nothing better to say just stay quiet if you have nothing good to say or have anything inteligent to say; especially if you really do not have some respectful words to share.

    • roberta

      Very well said!

  • hillie laforme

    Rest in peace jimmy the rev sullivan

  • valqi love a7x

    Our fans Avenged Sevenfold in Indonesia sorry for the death of James Owen sullivan or who we know as THE REV.
    We are here to love you
    We will always remember you
    and for the family or the personnel Avenged Sevenfold to be brave in the face of this.
    we love you THE REV.
    we love Avenged Sevenfold

  • Bob

    Avenged sevenfold is boring anyway,he wasnt a good drummer and not even a real musician….

    • mishqa

      thank you for realizing they suck

    • A7X roxmysox

      um excuse me but who r u 2 spout a load of crap abt one of the greatest drummers ever? watch ur mouth u ass hole! show some respect! i can’t believe ppl like u, tell me r u better than him in anyway? look at yourself before u go insulting someone this great! and he has passed away! i’d like to see you accomplish everything he did in his life! and talking abt lives, how abt you go and get one! RIP James “the rev’ Sullivan. You will be missed
      Gone too soon.. :'(

      • Chris

        How do you expect anyone to even take you serious with the name “A7X roxmysox” Come on kid.. Learn to spell, change your name, grow a pair, snd reach the age of 15 before your next attempt to redeem this shitty band on the internet.

    • megan

      if your gunna say shit like that, LEAVE. he was the best fucking drummer in the world, and their an amazing band

    • chrisss

      you fucking suck. you are boring. not to mention dis respectful. you shouldnt be considered a real human being if you have a mouth like this. and i think you should have soap in it. the real fruity kind. that shoudl teach you. you need to learn resoect. atleast show some of it. you might not like them but if you cant say something nice then DONT FUCKING SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.!

    • rios

      where does a response like that come from??? are you fucking kidding me???? someone has just died and your response is “they sucked anyways” as if the bands incredible music holds any credibility to the fact a life was lost.

      hope your mom gets cancer with mishqua’s

      • A7X lame

        Where does a response like that come from??? Are you fucking kidding me???? Rios- these guys apparently don’t fucking care about this emo fuck-stick drummer dying, or the fact that you just wished that their mom’s were diagnosed with cancer. Which so happens to make your comment null and void of any credit whatsoever for trying to contradict their actions with equal ones. To put in a sense that makes it easier for you to understand, I will finish by telling you to run to to store, buy a box of kleenex, cry, blow your snotty fucking nose, and use the remaining kleenexes to wipe your fucking pussy you emo bitch-made fag.

  • nk

    he’s such an amazing drummer, and now he died ='(

  • Laura

    I cannot believe how disrespectful people are being. Your opinions on the band itself are irrelevant, a young person has died-how do you think their family potentially feels reading some of the disgraceful comments posted here? It is totally possible to die of ‘natural causes’ at a young age (SADS, unknown underlying causes like heart problems-Stephen Gately, remember him? Natural causes.) it’s nice to see that ‘fans’ of this genre of music are so keen to label those pioneering their culture as drug users to conform to other stereotypes at such a devastating time for his family and friends.

    Condolences to his family and friends, and the band, such a great loss to them at Christmas in a year that has claimed so many lives.

  • faris

    i so sorry hear that

  • mishqa

    avenged 7 fold sucks im glad there drummer is dead i hate them they are overrated pussies with fancy clothes so maybe the rest of the band will take a clue and quit playing

    • rios

      i hope your mother gets cancer mishqua

      • Matt

        mishqa you are a piece of shit for being happy that somebody is dead. I hope you get cancer along with your mother and all of your loved ones. Forever rot in the ground you cunt whore

    • realityhitter

      what someone just dies and thats the kind of attitude you take you are a real half assed jerk. stop being mean.

    • jake

      looks like hell will have a new prisoner (mishqa)

  • Celeryfaycee

    this dude was the best drummer in the music industry
    RIP bro and ur talent will never be forgotten
    ur presence will rock on no matter where you are

  • Gretchie

    Engough with the disrespect. The guy just died. He was an awesome drummer and he meant so much to some many people. I feel so bad for the band. He was their brother. (like it says) Great drummer. Great guy. Great hair!!!

    RIP:James Owen Sullivan. You will be missed.

  • Stefany

    Rest In Peace James…

  • A7X roxmysox

    so sad.. i was so not expecting this. :( 2009 sucks. RIP the rev
    you’ll live on in our hearts forever
    your talent was great enough that god needed you with him at such a young age
    we’ll never forget you and A7X will continue being great but a part of its greatness has gone with you. best drummer of his generation. period

  • fap 888

    i can’t believe this how could this happen to fast…

    the 1st reason i play drum is because of him..


  • lorna

    i am so devastated.
    sleep well james the rev..

  • johnny

    Rip rev… You were one of my favorite drummers…
    A lot of people don’t realize how much it takes to be that good…

    Thousands of hours sitting down! Four hours a night, every night, plus all the practice/studio/recording time really adds up…For all we know It could have been a blood clot in his leg… From all that time sitting down…

    But a7x also has a well documented history of partying like rockstars(drugs and alcohol).

    But either way, his death really hit me hard… I’ve followed from the beginning… my thoughts go out to anyone who feels the same way…

    Rip rev… You will be missed but your music lives on forever…

  • Chrissss

    seriously. I don’t like the band or the kind of music that they play but i’m not gonna sit here and trash them after their drummer died. have a little respect

  • Aww So SadFace :'(

    Yeah he died. A7X sucks dick, he was a decent drummer and probably the best musician out of the entire band. A7X is going to have a hard time replacing him, sucks for them.

    luls, RIP

    • realityhitter

      if ur gunna write something write something nice or not at all

  • xthe xREVx

    Wow you assholes. Want to show some respect for someone that jsut died. You know for all the assholes i hope someone says the same to you. Because we wont miss you when you die. R.I.P THE REV

  • Marluxia

    Natural death my ass

  • jason

    Im not a fan of the band at all, and thats putting it in a nice way, but it really sucks when musicians pass away. Its always gay because they do have fans even if some of us dont like the music they put out.

  • Jason

    Im not a fan of the band at all, and thats putting it in a nice way, but Jesus Christ, why is everyone talking so much shit about this guy? He just died. I mean damn, i dont like there music either, but when a musician dies they have fans regardless if we like them or not and we should respect that to some level. thats all im saying.

  • rios

    The band can go on dropping albums. The music will never be the same. I’m so sorry to say to all my fellow fans out there but i think A7X died with The Rev. His explosive sound and edgy back-ups made the music.
    His Role in the band may get filled. But he can never be replaced.

    RIP REV. My heart goes out to you your family and your Brothers.

  • realityhitter

    sereousily people it’s not fair if the family is reading these comments they’d be pretty upset so stop arguing and just post ur comments on his unfortunate death.

  • alex

    dood…show some respect u fuckin little prick

  • we

    soomee of you guys should show some respect you guys are sooooooo distrefpectful !!!!!!

  • joey

    natural causes at his age wtf any sorry to hear i give regards to all family and the band R.I.P

  • me

    hes just one drummer out of the whole world. not the best by far. but sad and yes he died of an ovedose

  • Melle

    Fuck sake, people on here can’t show the slighest bit of decency and respect for Jimmy or his friends and family. Imagine what the fuck they are going through right now? There are a lot of people in the world who will be upset right now because of his death, because he happens to have a quite big fan base, so if you are going to post nasty, spiteful things bout the rev then i think you should understand obviously people are going to write back calling you a cunt, because you are. It doesnt matter whether you liked the band, whether you even liked him or his music, just show some fucking respect for the man.

    R.I.P Jimmy.

  • Kelso89

    What the fuck! Some of you pricks on here are being way too judgemental. You didn’t know him personally, he was a great guy, a total goofball. I met him after a few of their shows. He was a happy man who lived life up while he had it… And to say shit like this about him when he just DIED is fuckin low. Keep your opinions to yourselves. Who cares if you don’t like A7X or his drumming or hair. Shut the fuck up! Their songs had meaning and who are you to say what he should’ve been! He loved who he was and his opinion was all that mattered…… Those of you who roll your eyes at this comment, burn in hell.. RIP James! You are missed.

  • TPainterX71

    James Owen Sullivan you were a wonderful Procussionist, A great Soul, And an Awesome Guy to have met. when you came to Tupelo MS. to all those who love you to the people who were with you from the first time we heard one of your wicked blast beats i speak for the years of inspiration the nights of headbanging and weeks of training in the mma gym to your music. i speak for the fans who care and i speak for my older brothers and friends of mine. when we say your image will never die, your songs are in our hearts and we’ll see you in bat country brother

  • EFFFGG1125

    He was a good drummerm rest in peace. There band was amasing!
    && ya’ll stop talkin shit upon this guy, he just freekin died recently and how would you like some people sayin woohoo (your name here) died. I hated the way he/she looked. Like people say dont go by the book of a cover,open it up and than you may. None of of us really knew him except his friend’s & family, We only know what was put in the media, so everyone thats dissing him, Quit it! None of us knew him personally.

  • MichelleLucille

    Everyone, screw people that don’t respect him. This band did so much for me, and all I wanted to tell Jimmy was a simple thank you but I never got the chance. If people can’t respect him and see what he’s done for the world, then that’s their fucking problem. Know in your hearts he’s worth the fight, and he totally is.
    R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sulliivan, you will forever be apart of me and my heart.


  • A7X is fucking lame

    Boo FUCKING Hoo! To all the crybaby fucktards out there that rant on with, “Stop being disrespectful, stop with the hateful words, blah, blah, blah, ect.” If you actually love Jimmy Owen Sullivan AKA “The Rev.”, shut the fuck up and give him a moment of silence! I’m sure even when he reaches “Heaven”, for all of you ignorant believers out there, he will have plenty of people that will continue to bash his name and/or band for being a complete fucking waste of our time. Hell, he may be glad that he is dead, finally, so he doesn’t have all the emo groupies trying to tell him some fucking sob story about how a song they play relates to their so called “life”. Big deal they inspired some people. Here’s an inspiration, take those fucking crap CD’s and sell them on Ebay for financial gain. At least this way you can inspire yourselves to go buy a gun and blow your own fucking heads off. Then you can all live in little “Jimmy Heaven” and suck each other off while talking about the “good ‘ol days”.

    • WOW!

      Fucking EPIC comment! LMFAO!

  • can

    so sad..

  • gani the rev. . .

    saya turut berduka cita atas meninggalnya drumer a7x the rev. ..
    saya benar2 sedih atas kejadian itu. ..
    meskipun begitu semoga a7x tetap masih hidup. . .

  • nouseforaname

    Where was his fiancee at this time?

  • Brandky

    God bye the rev
    Your legend…
    The best…
    And cool…

  • http://www.spanda.com Billy

    gk nyangka jimmy sulivan pegi gtu za. . .
    rpa nya 2008 kmrn adlh konser tarkhr dya d indonesia. . .

  • Afterlife7x

    We love you… I can’t imagine how A7X is gonna play without you…

    I wont see you tonight

  • MetalMusician

    Dying of natural causes at the age of 28 doesnt really make sense, he definitely died of a drug overdose…

    • the rev

      he had an inlarged heart

  • Rival

    goog by JIMMY SULVAN!!!cdhx aqw

    bwt a7x smoga ttp berkreasi tyz wlaupn the rev dach gag ada!!!good luck

  • carmelita

    so SORRY about what happen. i give my respect to the most bad ass drummer. soooooooo SORRY..

  • A7Xluver

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. Avenged Sevenfold is me and my boyfriend’s favorite band! He was honestly the world’s best drummer! I know how it feels to lose someone you love! I got jumped in Chapmanville, WV, and lost my baby! So I DO know how it feels to lose somebody! If you need anyone to talk to, anyone at all! Don’t hesitate to email me!


  • andika

    Afterlife for THE REV
    Peace for fuck

  • andika

    saya turut duka cita kepada drummer terhebat kita
    PEACE for you “James Owen Sullivan”

  • tagan

    listenin to seize the day now R.I.P Rev you truly were amazing

  • bethany

    i love a7x and im sad that the rev died he was the best drmmer! i feel really bad 4 his family and friends im sorry 4 ur loss


    hey just wanted to say im so sorry for the loss of a good person and a great drummer.i never met jimmy but i bet he was an awesome person and ill keep you all in my prayers.love you aveneged sevenfold.gonna miss you rev.good luck with yalls music.hope it stays great.

  • Beth

    I, personally, feel for Jimmy’s family and friends and others who were so close to him. I’m also very sad that he’s gone. Avenged Sevenfold will never be the same without him. He was a kick-ass drummer, and a good one at that. His time just came too soon. We’ll all miss you Jimmy. I pay you my humble respects. R.I.P. <3 You!!!

  • Star

    God Bless A7X So Sorry for Your loss He Was The Best Drummer To Me…..Tell His Family I am Very Sorry And My Prayers Go To Them…..You Guys Are Great.

  • brian love A7X

    god bye the rev…..

  • Erin Deanne Moore

    I seriously cried when i heard about him. i love this band and he was an amazing drummer. Your Much Loved James “the rev” Sullivan. <3 my hearts with you.

  • http://adeajengdiyahpitaloka.blogspot.com ade ajeng diyah

    the rev…
    you're the best drummer in the world..
    but i can't believe you leave me so short time….
    love U so much the rev….
    you always in my heart stay far in my heart..
    bye the best drummer…
    love you so much…..

  • Cameron

    well i just found out about James Sullivan's death today… I am very sad as because he was my hero and I didn't even know he died… I idolized him and loved him very much… now I listen to Avenged Sevenfold an nobody else because that's how much he meant to me… Goodbye James Sullivan A.K.A. the REV… May my blessings be with you and your family

  • Dahlan

    Dia adalah se orang drammer memiliki enegry dan dpt membagikan ketemannya dan mengarahkan ke tingkat permainan music yg sangat tinggi dan merangsang imajinasi permainan musik temannya .

  • qiz mine

    tobak sedih!!!

  • JBG

    Natural Causes at 28, haha

    Cause of Death : Too much heroin.

    Crazy Kids

    • the rev

      fuck off it wasent to much heroin he had an inlarged heart

  • Ryuu

    You morons he didn't die of natural causes. It was clearly stated on June 9th that he died of "acute polydrug intoxication due to combined effects of Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Diazepam/Nordiazepam and ethanol".