Hell’s Kitchen Winner Ja’Nel Witt Tested Positive For Cocaine

Hell's Kitchen Winner Ja'Nel Witt Tested Positive For Cocaine

On July 25, 2013, Ja’nel Witt won the eleventh season of Hell’s Kitchen. She was awarded her dream job of working at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Caesar’s Palace with a salary of $250,000. Since, she was unable to actually take the job — and it all boils down to a drug test.

Caesar’s has a strict drug policy and when Witt was tested, she failed miserably. As it turns out, her drug of choice was cocaine. TMZ reports that Witt will never step foot inside the restaurant as head chef, but she is still getting that fat salary!

It’s such a shame that she threw away her career for some nose candy. Season eleven runner-up Mary Poehnelt took to her official Twitter page to have a word on the matter. She tweeted, “Love JaNel wish her the best on all her endeavors!!!!! I will be starting my new position at Blue Ginger this week!!!!! #mingtsai”.

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