Jason Brock Talks His X Factor Elimination

Jason Brock Talks His X Factor Elimination

On Thursday night’s “X Factor” elimination, America said goodbye to “Mr. Entertainment” Jason Brock after the judges went into a deadlock. The next day, Jason spoke out about his elimination from the talent competition.

With regard to Simon Cowell’s negative comments, he said, “I think that Simon had some valid points…like the jacket I was wearing. But the other things were just mean, like implying I’m too fat to fly. He never really focused on my voice, which is really strong. He never said your voice was great.”

He continued, “Well, that’s not true. On the save me song, he did acknowledge that. I guess he just wasn’t feeling me. I think he just wasn’t feeling me as a performer.”

He also talked of what he wanted to do if he had remained on the show. He said, “I was thinking, appearance wise, just totally going absolutely crazy with my styles, closer to Lady Gaga, Elton John. Then doing a song maybe like a Lady Gaga cover or something like that, or Rihanna.”

He went on to say, “I felt like my first shows and live shows, when I wwas in the top sixteen, weren’t really so representative of me. I did the best that I possibly could. I don’t think it was quite me. The song that I did think was me was ‘I Believe I Can Fly.'”

Now that he’s been eliminated, he offered up his guess on who is going to take the season two “X Factor” crown. He added, “The one that I still think of as the frontrunner is Carly. I think she is really, really talented. She’s so young and talented. I always thought of her as my biggest competition.”

Who do you think is going to win the show?

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