Jason Sudeikis Confirms ‘Saturday Night Live’ Departure

Jason Sudeikis Confirms 'Saturday Night Live' Departure

Comedian Jason Sudeikis appeared on CBS’ The Late Show with David Letterman to confirm the news that he is leaving Saturday Night Live, which airs on NBC. Interesting choice for an announcement that he’s leaving a competitor, no?

Letterman asked Sudeikis, “Now, how many years have you been regularly employed at ‘Saturday Night Live?'”

Sudeikis replied, “Regularly? If you could call it regularly employed, ten years. Ten years, yeah, yeah.”

Letterman asked, “And how long will a person continue with this, you suppose?”

To that, Sudeikis responded, “A person is general, or me specifically?”

Letterman said, “Whatever you like. Either way or both.”

Sudeikis said, “Well, I mean, a person can go as long as they want. I mean, Lorne has been kicking butt at it for 33 out of the 38 years, you know. But me, yeah, no, I’m definitely done.”

Letterman pushed, “Really? You’re leaving?”

Sudeikis responded, “Yeah, I’m going to leave. Yeah, I’m not coming back next fall.”

Curiously, Letterman asked, “Now, do they know that? I mean, have you run this by someone?”

Jokingly, Sudeikis replied, “I don’t know what kind of ratings you’re getting these days, but, I mean, you know, I would hope someone would, you know, would tell them after this point, yeah.”

Letterman laughed and said, “No, you should have called first.”

To that, Sudeikis said, “I should have, right?”

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