Jay-Z Wins Lawsuit Over Hit Songs

Jay-Z Wins Lawsuit Over Hit Songs

Jay-Z dodged a legal bullet concerning his hit songs. The rapper as well as Roc Nation won a lawsuit against a sound engineer named Chauncey Mahan. Mahan worked on Jay Z’s CD Vol 3…The Life And Times Of S. Carter. Guess Mahan will have to come up with another way to earn his money.

After some intense drama, Mahan sued Jay Z in July 2014. The sound engineer worked independently with Jay-Z in the nineties. During that time Mahan kept the masters as well as unreleased songs on his computer. Mahan told someone at Roc-A-Fella that he had the information, but he didn’t but never heard anything. According to the sound engineer, Roc Nation set him up to lose the masters to the rap legends unreleased music. The police ended up taking Mahan’s material. To make matters worse, he was accused of stealing the material.

Luckily for Mahan, he wasn’t charged with anything. Since he wasn’t charged, he came up with a better solution. He decided to sue the rap legend. Mahan wanted to be considered co-owner of Jay-Z’s songs since he worked on them. Unfortunately for Mahan, the judge in the case thought he was too late to sue.

One of the reasons why Lorna Schofield ruled against Mahan was because he was aware of the money before he decided to sue. You would think that he would have jumped on this lawsuit. He might have won the case if he had done something sooner. He didn’t receive any money for the song. Mahan claimed that Jay-Z and others stole his work off of his hard drive during this setup.

The judge wasn’t impressed with Mahan using the setup as a way to plead his case. The judge felt that whatever Jay-Z told the police, during the set up was private information. The police have not investigate the hip hop legend. Mahan basically wasted his time with this lawsuit. Did he really think he would have a chance to win?

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