Jennel Garcia Responds To ‘The X Factor’ Elimination

Jennel Garcia Responds To 'The X Factor' Elimination

On Thursday night’s elimination episode of “The X Factor USA”, we saw the elimination of Lyric145 and also rock singer Jennel Garcia. Jennel sang “The Reason” by Hoobastank for her sing-off against Paige Thomas, who performed “Paradise” by Coldplay. Jennel’s performance was not enough to keep her in the competition — and we are sad to see her go. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our full recap here.

In a new interview after her elimination from the reality TV competition, Jennel spoke of her mentor Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell. It was no secret that Simon was bullying Demi with regard to her vote to keep or send Jennel home. Mario Lopez was pushing for Simon to give his vote first, considering that it’s customary for the act’s mentor to go last. Still, Demi voted to send Paige home and thus, wanted Jennel to remain in the competition (or for the vote to go into a deadlock in the case of a tie).

When asked how she felt when she found that Demi was the only one to vote to keep her, she said, “Well, it feels great that my mentor chose me, because the bottom two were two people in her category.” She went on to say, “She loves both of us and she was the one who worked with both of us and knows what the both of us are capable of doing, so the fact that she chose me helped me get through this and so much.”

She added, “Because out of all the four judges, she’s the one who knew the most about me, and she chose me. So that’s amazing. That means so much to me.”

Were you saddened to see Jennel Garcia get eliminated on Thursday’s episode of “The X Factor”? Does Paige Thomas deserve to be in the top ten instead? Who do you think will win the second season of the show?

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