Jennifer Aniston Denies Justin Theroux Wanderlust Hook Up

Jennifer Aniston wants all of her fans to know that there was no hanky panky going on between herself and her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux — while the movie was filming.

There were rumors floating around that Jennifer wrecked Justin’s relationship of fourteen years with former girlfriend Heidi Bivens. In a new interview, she put all of the rumors to bed.

When speaking with Good Morning America, she talked about how Justin wasn’t a born romantic. She said, “He’s just the most cold, icy fishy kind of guy. I’m trying to warm him up but you know…”

Despite all of that, she said that he does have his good points. She said, “He is really cute. He is great — he’s a great actor.”

Speaking with regard to the rumors, she said, “Nothing happened on that movie, it’s the easy rumor. We were just friends. I have known Justin a long time.”

Of course that was the easy rumor…that is usually the low hanging fruit that gossip websites like to attach themselves to. The tabloids would also love for us to believe that Jennifer is adopting eight million orphans, is pregnant and getting married tomorrow. It just goes to show you that you can’t believe everything you read.

Photo Credit: Fallen Star / PCN Photos

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