Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant & Wants Brad Pitt Reconciliation?

Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant & Wants Brad Pitt Reconciliation?

OK! magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Brad Pitt’s seventh child, but now Star is taking their supposed triangle to another level! They are making the claim that Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston is also pregnant — and she wants him back! So what happened to her beau, Justin Theroux? Does that really mean that they broke up?!??

We all know how much the tabloids love to put a spin on Jennifer, Brad and Angelina stories, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is another conjured up story in order to sell more magazines. If the tabloids were right about Jennifer being pregnant each time they printed it, she would have more biological children than the Duggar family.

Now, Star magazine has her pregnant and alone — and she’s calling Brad to tell him that she wants him back! Apparently she made some super secret phone call to Brad and now Angelina is crying, barely eating and not talking to Brad. All of this happened since Sunday’s appearance at the Golden Globes?!? They looked like quite the Hollywood couple at the awards show. So it’s hard to believe that she’s not talking to him all of the sudden! A story about Angelina not wanting to wait to get Brad into bed surfaced on Monday — so that’s a lie, too? She couldn’t wait to get him in the sack just to ignore him?

Why can’t the tabloids just leave Jennifer alone — along with the contents of her uterus.

Also featured in this issue — is Jennifer Lopez ready to have a baby with her young boyfriend, Casper Smart? In addition to that, they are reporting that Sandra Bullock can’t let go of Ryan Reynolds and he doesn’t want to marry her. Lastly, they’re also covering the Heather Locklear story, claiming that she punched Jack Wagner AND stole his dog!

What do you think?

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