Jennifer Aniston Jokes Over Oscars ‘Cake’ Snub

Jennifer Aniston Jokes Over Oscars 'Cake' Snub

Jennifer Aniston was snubbed for an Oscars nomination for her role as Claire in her movie ‘Cake’. The former ‘Friends’ star is taking the news in stride and is even joking about the snub. It was a shocking snub, considering that the actress usually appears in romantic comedies – so the movie was definitely a risk that most of her fans thought would end up paying off.

Still, despite the snub, she revealed that she was flattered by the many messages from friends and fans who thought that she should’ve gotten the Best Actress nomination for an Academy Award. She said, “I was amazed at how many messages of ‘Shocked!!’ ‘F**k ’em’ and ‘Robbed!’ I got. I found it quite endearing and flattering that I had so many people rooting for me. It was almost just as good to be number one snubbed than to be nominated. Now I don’t have any pressure.”

She went on to speak on the topic of the role of Claire Simmons, who was addicted to pain medications. She apparently felt the need to prove herself that she could handle being a character actress. She said, “I needed to do it so I could prove to myself that I was able to do it. So I wasn’t sitting there frustrated that I wasn’t getting certain parts because they knew something I didn’t know – which was that I couldn’t do it. It’s something I hadn’t done before. To take on such a wonderfully layered, complex character.”

Aniston revealed that her fiance Justin Theroux’s support is what helped guide her toward the movie role. She said, “I have a level of ease right now in my life. I have an unbelievable partner who supports me and loves me and makes me feel like there’s nothing I cannot do. There is something about having a partner who supports you that kind of allows you to have a real ‘f**k it’ attitude. I gotta just go for everything, cause if I fall down on my face, I got my buddy right here to dust me off and say let’s keep going.”

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