Jennifer Aniston Mad At Justin Theroux For Talking To Heidi Bivens

Jennifer Aniston Mad At Justin Theroux For Talking To Heidi Bivens

Jennifer Aniston is convinced that Justin Theroux is a cheater after catching him communicating with his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens.

Justin and Heidi dated for 14 years before they broke up. Jennifer and Justin met on the set of their movie Wanderlust and began dating right then. Since, Jen has discovered that he has been talking to his ex — in secret.

A source said, “In Jennifer’s book, what Justin did was cheating – he was going behind her back to maintain ties with his ex. She was furious and read him the riot act, plunging their relationship into crisis.”

The insider said, “They stayed in touch very sporadically at first, but now they’re talking all the time. He’ll email, text or call – when Jen’s not around, of course – and they talk about everything. He asks Heidi’s advice about his career and even discusses his love life with her.”

The snitch continued, “For Jen, it’s the ultimate betrayal. Justin has a lot of explaining to do to regain her trust, and it may be too late already. She’s livid with him for disrespecting her so blatantly. She had no idea he was still in touch with Heidi until recently, when she caught him texting her from their Hollywood home. He tried to shrug it off by saying it was no big deal, but Jen can’t believe he would do it behind her back, and it made her wonder what else he’s hiding from her. She understandably feels very threatened by Heidi.”

Did Jennifer move away from the Big Apple to get away from Heidi’s influence on Justin? The insider said, “Jen blamed the paparazzi in New York, but there’s even more of them in L.A. The real reason she moved was because she wants Justin as far away from Heidi as possible.”

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