Jennifer Aniston Overjoyed By Justin Theroux’s Engagement Ring

Jennifer Aniston Overjoyed By Justin Theroux's Engagement Ring

We have yet to see photos of Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring from Justin Theroux, but we’ve heard that it’s quite the stunner. In fact, Jennifer is actually overjoyed by the sparkler! We would be, too, it’s got eight carats and it’s an emerald-cut diamond.

A source revealed, “It’s a huge emerald-cut diamond. It’s a rectangle with tapered diamond baguettes on the sides. It’s beautiful. Just after Jen got engaged, she called all her friends and told them about it. She was so happy and said she loves the ring. I think she was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the size and beauty of it!”

We’re waiting on the photos to become available, so stay tuned! Perhaps Jennifer and Justin will be featured on “People” magazine’s front cover when it’s made available tomorrow?

Jennifer Aniston Overjoyed By Justin Theroux’s Engagement Ring was last modified: August 14th, 2012 by Megan Lindsey
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