Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant Bride?

Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant Bride?

Jennifer Aniston is featured on the latest cover of Star magazine with the title “Pregnant Bride”. Is there something we don’t know, Jen? Or are the tabloids busy at giving you more babies again?

According to the tabloid, Jennifer and boyfriend Justin Theroux are planning to walk down the aisle together in Greece. They have the alleged scoop on the celebrity guest list, the ring and the vows. Because if you were Jennifer Aniston dating a guy like Justin Theroux, wouldn’t you run to Star magazine to tell them all of the gossip about your upcoming nuptials?

Besides that, hasn’t Star and all the rest of the tabloids given them enough fake weddings, adoptions and babies to last them an eternity?

Also featured in this issue is Angelina Jolie confessing to long-time boyfriend Brad Pitt that she cheated on him. Come on, Star, if you’re going to say that, please give us details!

The magazine also claims that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already fighting over money. His money, no less. We’re highly doubting this one. These two just got together and he has even written a song about her. The only thing they’re likely fighting over is why she’s not legally divorced yet.

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