Jennifer Aniston To Dump Justin Theroux For John Mayer?

Jennifer Aniston To Dump Justin Theroux For John Mayer?

Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston is having more trouble with regard to her love life. We’re not going to jump on the “Jennifer is unlucky in love” bandwagon, which we all know is just ridiculous. Recent speculation suggests that Jennifer is considering leaving her boyfriend Justin Theroux for her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer.

To those rumor-mongers, we would have to ask, “Why would Jennifer go backwards?” Seriously. This was a man who arranged their get-togethers and called the paparazzi to inform them so he and Jen would get photographed together as a couple. He arranged a covert mission to put out a decoy for them to get out of the media blitz, even though no one was there to take their picture on that occasion. He also talked about his relationship with Jennifer to the media, so we’re highly doubting that she’s looking to go back to that.

Apparently, John has written a song called “Shadow Days”, in which he sings about his relationship with Jennifer. An insider told “OK!” magazine, “When Jen heard he’d written a song about their breakup, she immediately downloaded it and listened – and the tears were rolling down her face. Jen has a lot of wonderful memories from her days with John, and they all came flooding back.”

Did the tabloids just run out of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston love triangle stories?

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