Jennifer Aniston’s Fiance Justin Theroux Invited Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie To Their Wedding

Jennifer Aniston's Fiance Justin Theroux Invited Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie To Their Wedding

Jennifer Aniston’s fiance Justin Theroux has reportedly invited her ex-husband Brad Pitt and his fiance Angelina Jolie to their wedding. Want to talk about awkward!

As you already know, Brad left Jennifer for Angelina during the filming of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and they have been inseparable since. Now, Justin has added their names to the guest list for their upcoming wedding celebration. Should they consider going?

Jennifer has finally moved on from all of the Brangelina drama and has been the subject of many rumors with regard to her love life in the tabloids. Now, we are left stunned that Justin would go as far as inviting the high profile couple to his wedding with Jen.

A source revealed, “Justin and Jennifer are so happy right now – they don’t want any bad feeling in any aspect of their lives by the time they tie the knot. Justin knows that Jen and Brad talk occasionally and he likes the actor. Obviously, this means inviting Angelina too. Jennifer was taken aback, as she really didn’t think Justin would want her ex-husband there, but she loves the fact he’s so okay about it.”

Reportedly, Jennifer and Justin will be walking down the aisle in Mexico or Hawaii by the end of the year, but we haven’t received confirmation of that. Still, that ought to make for some interesting gossip!

What do you think of Justin wanting Brad and Angelina’s names on the guest list? Should they attend?

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  1. fatal November 19, 2012 / 2:35 PM

    Justin wants to make all the “connections” he can-he will need them after he dumps “poor Jen” and Brad will be the first guy he runs to when he wants to get sympathy for leaving the psycho-he figures an invitation now will give him a perfect opening for asking Brad how he put up with her manipulating control freak games while they were married-Justin is playing this ladder to the A-list by coattails even better than Anustain did when she married Brad and then got divorced and created her tabloid “pity party”-Justin is working it-he got psycho Jen to pay for the engagement ring and get all worked up that she has to upstage Brad and Angie by getting married first-so she is hurrying into this without a pre-nup-to show how “real” it is and Justin will only have to suffer it out for about 2 years while being on constant vacation and networking the A-list with Jen’s cash before he can go for the “big money”-start openly cheating with Heidi-get all the tabloid spotlight and most people will be happy he went back to Heidi-since Jen stole Justin by throwing herself at him during the filming of Wonderlust anyway-now he knows all the good boys to get the scripts he has written too-and with both him and Brad dumping “poor Jen” it will be easy to say -look-I’d told you she is a freakin psycho witch-no one can stay with her-it is the long con but I think Justin is pulling it off

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