Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Back Together?

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Back Together?

As you may know, actress Jennifer Lawrence and singer Chris Martin broke up recently. It turns out their split may have been short-lived. They were recently spotted together at his place! This news probably doesn’t make Martin’s ex wife Gwyneth Paltrow very happy.

Lawrence was spotted leaving the singer’s home twice since their breakup. Lawrence allegedly stayed at his home for several hours before leaving. It is safe to assume that they weren’t just watching TV. Did someone suspect that they were sneaking around to know to be at his house at the time?

The Coldplay frontman and the “Hunger Games” star broke up because Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t happy that they were together. There were reports that Paltrow was upset when Martin started dating her. Paltrow allegedly wanted Lawrence to stay away from her children. There were also reports that Paltrow knew their relationship wouldn’t last. Does she have access to a crystal ball? If so, can she start giving out lottery numbers?

Paltrow doesn’t seem to like Lawrence. Could it have something to do with her dating her soon-to-be ex-husband? Did something happen between the two actresses to cause tension?

The “Iron Man” actress is most likely responsible for the couple’s temporary break up. Paltrow’s plan obviously didn’t work because the couple are possibly back together. They couldn’t stay a part long because they have genuine feelings for each other. This will be one more reason for Gwyneth to despise Lawrence.

Paltrow really shouldn’t be upset about Martin and Lawrence being back together when she was allegedly dating someone else. She also reportedly cheated on Martin when they were together with “Glee” writer Brad Falchuk. Did she expect Martin to stay alone while she moved on with her life?

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