Jennifer Lopez Mad Over Casper Smart Mother Comments

Jennifer Lopez Mad Over Casper Smart Mother Comments

Jennifer Lopez has been left seething mad after being mistaken for her new boyfriend, Casper Smart’s mother. She yelled at someone, “I’m his girlfriend – not his mother!”

A source close to Jennifer said, “Jennifer is tired of people making comments. She doesn’t know what’s worse – being mistaken for Casper’s mother or accused of being a cradle-robbing cougar!”

She is 18 years older than the backup dancer turned boytoy. An insider said, “But it kills Jennifer every time the age difference is brought to her attention.”

Another source said, “The two of them stopped in a McDonald’s recently, and Jennifer was mortified when the cashier asked Casper if he wanted to have his mother’s order added to his or if they were going to pay separately. Jennifer shouted, ‘I’m his girlfriend – not his mother!'”

Afterward, she grabbed his arm and marched out of the restaurant in a huff. The source revealed, “The cashier’s comment really bruised her ego.”

Even more recently, they went out to a club, but she was miffed that he was asked for his ID, but she wasn’t. The source added, “Jennifer just doesn’t think she looks that much older than Casper and took huge offense when the bartender carded Casper and not her. Jennifer enjoys spending time with Casper, but her ego is taking a solid beating. Friends predict the nonstop comments from strangers are the beginning of the end for the couple.”

Do you think Jennifer looks that much older than Casper?

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