Jennifer Lopez should have won an Oscar?

In the latest issue of “Latina” magazine, Jennifer Lopez rants a little bit about how she should have won an Oscar for her role in “El Cantante”.

Lopez starred in the 2006 movie, alongside husband Marc Anthony. She expressed her disappointment with the Academy voters in her non-receipt of a nomination for the golden statue.

She said, “I feel like I had that [Oscar worthy role] in ‘El Cantante’, but I don’t even think the academy members saw it. I feel like it’s their responsibility to do that, to see everything that’s out there, everything that could be great.”

“Well, it is a little bit frustrating. It was funny; When the Oscars were on, I had just given birth on the 22nd, and the Oscars, I think, were a day or two later. I was sitting there with my twins – I couldn’t have been happier – but I was like, ‘How dope would it have been if I would’ve won the Oscar and been here in my hospital bed accepting the award?’ ‘Thank you so much! I just want to thank the Academy!’ But we joked about it. It’s all good. Things will happen when they’re supposed to happen. I have the utmost faith and no doubt that it will one day, when and if it’s supposed to. You can’t get all crazy twisted over it.”

For someone who’s not getting crazy twisted about it, she seemed a bit miffed about being overlooked. Has anyone seen this movie to attest to her acting skills in it?

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