Jennifer Lopez To Return For A Second Season Of ‘American Idol’?

Jennifer Lopez To Return For A Second Season Of 'American Idol'?

Jennifer Lopez signed a deal with American Idol for a whopping $12 million, but that was only for this season of the popular talent competition. Will she renew her contract for another season???

The finale of the show is only a few weeks away, so we’re curious if the singer turned judge will decide to return to the show. Sources have revealed that the answer to that question is yes!

Due to her involvement with the show’s boss on her own reality television show, she’s said to be giving it another shot, sitting in the judge’s chair. A source said, “She knows what Idol has given her, but she also knows how to work it to her advantage. She’s been around the block, so to speak before and knows how to negotiate. I’d estimate there’s a good 80%-90% likelihood of her returning as judge next season.”

Will she try to up the ante, though? Twelve million is a lot, but she’s probably going to ask for more. What do you think? Is having J-Lo on the show enough of a draw for viewers to watch? Or will Idol be dead once The X Factor makes its debut?

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