Jenny McCarthy Has Already Lost Her Wedding Ring

Jenny McCarthy Has Already Lost Her Wedding Ring

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Walhberg got married on August 31st and she has already lost her wedding ring. Talk about some bad luck!

He put a ring on it, but hasn’t been wearing it and now we’ve learned the reason. On Monday, she and Wahlberg checked into a hotel with the ring on her finger, but when they checked out, the ring was gone, gone, gone! Apparently, she put the bling on a room service table so that she and her new husband could get frisky, but it didn’t turn out as she expected.

She revealed earlier today, “I’m hoping someone does find it. They could have maybe not seen it, or it could have gone under a dish and thrown away on accident. But I’m missing it today! I keep going, ‘Where is my ring?!’ But Donnie and I are both laughing that at least we lost it for the best reason possible!”

She said that her wedding was “everything I ever could have imagined” and gushed that her relationship is better now that they’ve tied the knot. She also revealed that they had to move the nuptials indoors due to bad weather and she was miffed that her wedding dress didn’t exactly fit.

She said, “I started drinking them [weight loss drink Skinny Stix] because when I get nervous, I eat more for some reason. I didn’t want to lose much weight because I’m happy where I’m at, but I didn’t want to gain. Cut to the wedding day, I go and put on my dress and ‘Oh my God, it doesn’t fit.’ Because I lost weight in that interim, it kind of fell down a little bit!”

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