Jeremy London Will Be Charged With Domestic Violence

Jeremy London Will Be Charged With Domestic Violence

Jeremy London will be charged with domestic violence after allegedly beating his wife up in Palm Springs.

The charge took place one full month after the crime actually occurred. Who waits a month before filing charges for getting the crap kicked out of you? A while back cops were reportedly looking for Jeremy to interrogate him about the fight, that’s when Melissa Cunningham got injured.

I can’t believe that a grown man would hit a woman. What kind of man would do that? According to the Riverside County D.A., the divorced couple were fighting over the custody of their son, Lyrik. Then — Jeremy lost it. After he assaulted his wife, he left as quickly as he could.

His lawyers have been in touch with the cops. The D.A. Has finally made the decision to charge him with the misdemeanor of domestic violence. If the charges stick, he will face a year in jail. I think he should get WAY more than just a year. Hitting a woman is one of the worst things a man can do. I hereby take away Jeremy’s man card.

What do you think?

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