Jermaine Dupri Fired For Janet’s 20 Y.O. Flop

Per news at The Superficial, we got word that Jermaine Dupri was getting the axe for trying to turn Janet Jackson into an R&B singer.

And I quote:

The insider explained, “Janet Jackson is a pop icon, and Jermaine tried to turn her into an R&B singer … I mean she’s [EXPLITIVE] Janet Jackson not Letoya Luckett.” The angry insider continued, “this was really a great album, I still can’t figure out how Jermaine messed this one up so badly.”

Via MediaTakeOut:

And according to our source, Jermaine Dupri was on thin ice at Virgin even before the album was released. The source tells, “during the build up for Janet’s album, Jermaine made some comments that people around here thought were racist … he said that Janet makes music for Black people … I guess he didn’t want White people to buy her album.” The source continued, “after he made those statements, [a top Virgin Records executive] told me that if Janet didn’t sell big, Jermaine was getting fired.”

So, Jermaine Dupri doesn’t want to market to white people? What I’ve learned in sales is that you never outcast an entire demographic. Good one, Jermaine, I hear there may be a job opening at Bennigans.

Methinks she won’t be at the Grammy’s anytime soon….unless she’s a presenter.

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