Jes Rickleff ditched Bret Michaels

After all of that whining and crying on TV and making it look so freakin’ real, I hear this crap. The winner of the first season of Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love, Jes Rickleff, ditched the rocker for a designer back in the windy city:

REALITY TV-show relationships don’t last long, especially at VH1. In fact, “Rock of Love” star Brett Michaels never even got started with the “girlfriend” he selected last season, Jes Rickleff. Sources tell The Post’s Melissa Jane Kronfeld that Michaels was informed by the pink-haired punk rocker over the phone that she had taken up with a Chicago clothing designer upon returning home to the windy city. VH1 has renewed “Rock of Love” for a second season, but has not announced if Michaels will be its heartthrob.

What the crap?!?!?!?

Jes Rickleff ditched Bret Michaels was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Scott

    OMG…im LMAO…and I dont know why…maybe its because she realized he in his mid fourties and still wearing eyeliner! Or maybe it’s because he’s not as above average as he says he is!!!…still laughing my ass off!!! And to think all along i thought he alas he found twue wove!!!

  • Scott

    ok, after reading my last my last comment i realize…I’ve drank way too much to be typing!

  • jessica

    first of all,she was too good for him,it should of been heather in hte firs place,he should of hurt her like that,you could tell she is still hurt!

  • scott

    no, first of all it was a contest. Everyone of those girls knew what they were getting into when they signed up for the show. They knew the “rocker” lifestyle and they knew there could only be one winner. So look at it for what it really was…a TV show, a contest, a “reality” show meant for viewer entertainment.

  • smock

    First of all Brett still F—–g Rocks. . He probably only chose jes bcuz he hadnt slept with her yet. . she is a hottie…Yo Brett she was my choice also. . . So all of you dissin Brett can FO. . Ill Be a loyal Poison fan till i die. . rock on 80’s hair bands

  • Laura Beth

    Brett has had so many bimbos he would not know a real women if one sat on his face!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bob


  • Patricia

    Smock – What part of the show made you think that Jes did not sleep with Bret? Did you miss the vegas show and the Cabo San Lucas show. It appeared to me she slept with him at least twice.

  • Teresa

    I thought jes was full of u know what. I thought Heather was not as attentive to his illness, but that’s something that can be discussed between the two. Overall, Jes u suck for waiting to treat this man like crap. Bret should have followed his first heart, cause I knew he wanted Heather all along, but thought he was getting something different with Jes.

  • beth

    I think these reality shows are crap. If Bret is looking for “normalcy” in his life, this is not the route to go because I think most of these women are looking for looking for a place to get themselves some airtime.

  • beth

    plus was Jes even born in the height of Poison’s highpoints?

  • beth

    good for Bret if he’s still performing though. he still sounds just as good as I remember.

    • bob

      woooohooooo for the lil blue pill keep it up gramps


    Jes SUCKS! Trista and Ryan are the only couple that have worked out on any Love Show, it sucks to watch them not stay together. Jes was cruel on the final show. She got a boyfriend. She was fake,but wow, what a great actor.

  • andrew

    not really it looks like shot at love was successful, watching that gave me something to do mafter rock of love…hahah bobby and tila look happy.

  • Jason

    Yo, look all you haters are embarassing yo’selfs by talkin shizznit on Bret, yeah he may be in his mid forties, yeah he may not be all that he was in the late 80’s early 90’s but lookie lookie here, i have had the privlidge to work w/ Poison twice, most recently here in the last couple of years as a bodyguard (or x-tra protection) and let me tell ya something… That 40 s/thing dude rocks the asses off of thousands of people each night and then goes back stage and turns down more ass than a toilet seat so all i gots to say is (1) Bret go on wit’ yo bad self … (2) STOP HATING PEOPLE>>> peace J-Mac …1

  • teresa

    are so stupid you ugly bitchs if you think that jess isugly you think wrong …brets hot and your not lol lov ya …..not lol lol lol

  • JP

    C’mon, it was a show, IMDb lists her as an actress on “The Rock Of Love” the show is a fake, like all of the other ***** of love shows… that is why they have sequels…. DUH….

  • L

    My friend is in Bret’s band. I know for a fact that Bret didn’t like a lot of the challenges that were made for the girls to do. He doesn’t have all the say as far as the show goes either. He’s a nice guy. Besides, he’s still hott, don’t hate!!

    • bob

      what was the band called old balls

  • Savannah R

    Brett’s a DOUCHE.

    • bob

      very true like y would she want a has been pot head for

  • Tasha

    Why is people even commenting this..
    Besides bret is fit and famous than anyone on this board thiny,besides she’s pretty,stop moaning everyone.

    • bob

      fit lmaoo

  • Jeremiah NICHOLS FROM PA

    Get real Jes lovers,She was fake and looking for her own show.Boo Hoo
    she feels left out.

  • kt

    I know jes. Brett Micheals didn’t contact her for over 6 months after, and it was only to invite her to a chicago show he was playing to which he also invited two other girls from the show. that’s reality tv for you…brett didn’t think he ever found “true love”…it’s allllllllll publicity.

  • acid.

    look, bret michaels is effin great. poison was awsome. i really liked jess as well, but it looks like she played him out. i felt it for him too. in my opinion i guess he should have chose heather. but sadly he did not. looks like hes going for that slut daisy. god, poor bret. >.>

    • bob

      a rock star with a slut omg

  • acid.

    oh and btw, who cares if the show is a buff. its still entertaining. i dont think its fake though.

  • jes lover

    JES IS NOT FAKE she was one of the most real girls on the show porbably the biggest real one on the show and btw jes probably did not ditch him for a designer she just knew that bret should of picked heather because thats what she felt in her heart………….btw i have to agree with you acid i would feel really realyt bad for bret if he goes for daisy i dont like her that much i like inna the best and i kinda like destiny

  • acid

    to tell you the truth, this season’s girls of rock of love isnt quite as good as the last one. i mean i guess that inna is ok looking in the face department but idk. she kinda reminds me of heather in a way. not only that destiney quite the annoying bitch, in my opinion of course. but, you know the one thing i dont get is how everyone seems to have some sort of problem with Kristy Joe. hah, its funny how everyone seemed to have something to do with the conflict between her and Catherine right? (which btw glad shes gone) By far i think Kristy Joe is the prettiest gril there, even though i still do think she has a few issues, but like come on who doesnt? Nonetheless, that is all my opinion.
    postscript- Megan was on another reality show before rock of love. she was on beauty and the geek. shes a fake. 100%

  • acid

    OH YEA, i keep forgetting to mention. that the whole purpose of this blog was to prove that jess ditched bret. well, like uhm the thing is, at the reunion she was pissed that he hadnt contact her for six months. well, for all you people who said that shes a fake or that she deserved better, you have to keep in mind that bret said the show, or crew of rock of love did not allow him her her to meet until after the reunion. she got pissed and stuff and well got mad because of it. and at the end of the show, he wasnt allowed even to walk her to the limosine but he did anyway and get in trouble for it. so that is the reson for the whole “break up” well not that they went out anyway. >.> watch the show people, watch the show.

  • racheal

    I think that it should have been laccy that won she was a real f….. rocker girl

  • Melissa

    The point is ACID is that we here do hate the guy but that the girls on this show were toddlers when Poison was in their hayday and are nothing more than groupies. Souldn’t the show choose women for him on the show that are not old enough to be his daughter???

  • Petratani


  • Acid

    well, melissa. i guess your right, but hey theres nothing i can do think the guy wants to date little ass girls. =P daisys gonna win.

  • cristina

    hola soy de PERU hummm pos no se q decir psssss la cosa q conosoc esa chika y ah bret x tele psss uy dejo mi msm

  • asdfghjkl;

    dude. brett michaels is amazing so fuck off. and it is real for the most part its not scripted. your all just jealous cause you arent famous like brett and your sitting here on a stupid chat of a picture off google. you have lives.

  • jo

    Of course it didn’t work out, VH1 wouldn’t even let Bret walk her to her house after he chose her and the show was finished. They weren’t allowed to see each other for 6 months while the show aired, so how could the relationship possibly have survived when they had only known each other for two weeks? I’m certain it wasn’t only Jes who was no longer interested.

  • acid

    Blah blah. Jo knows what im talking about. She knows the show.

  • skyye

    haha well if she dumped him he got what he deserved!! i mean seriously even if he is a rockstar who wants to get serious with a guy that fucks anything and everything that walks.

    I would have a game plan and that was to sleep with him, lie to him! win him over so i could get the publicity from the show. then do exactly what she did LOL Go girl You aint a hoe if you play dirty right back ewwww but i hope she made him wrap it up grosss