Jesse James was kidding about Nazi photo & salute

Jesse James is still doing damage control over the things that keep leaking after his adultery hit the fan recently.

Two years ago, Jesse took this photo wearing a Nazi hat and doing the sig heil salute. Now, his lawyer says that he was only kidding.

According to CNN:

The hat may have been in poor taste, but it was given to James as a gag gift by his Jewish godfather, attorney Joe Yanny said.

Possessing Nazi memorabilia does not make someone a neo-Nazi, he said.

As evidence that James is no anti-Semite, Yanny said James lived for nearly a month in an Israeli kibbutz. His lawyer would not disclose what kind of treatment the famous motorcycle designer is seeking.

I wouldn’t blame Sandra if she left him for good and cougared it up with a 19-year-old after this. Go girl!

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