Jessica Simpson Bans Her Father Joe From Her Wedding

Jessica Simpson Bans Her Father Joe From Her Wedding

Jessica Simpson is reportedly so angry at her father Joe for revealing that he’s gay, that she has banned him from attending her wedding to former football player Eric Johnson. Wow, isn’t that some craziness? Can you imagine banning your dad from your wedding over something so stupid? As a matter of fact, it’s not the first time that the words Jessica Simpson and stupid have been put together in the same sentence.

According to the latest gossip, Jessica thinks that dear old dad will embarrass her when they walk down the aisle together. A source said, “Jessica’s relationship with her father has deteriorated so much she doesn’t want him at her wedding. She’s afraid he’ll make a spectacle of himself, or worse yet, start something with Tina. Jessica still loves Joe, but she wants the day to be about her and Eric, not some sideshow with her dad.”

The snitch added, “Joe was devastated. But his relationship with Jess is hanging by a thread, and he doesn’t want to rock the boat any further. So he’s not making a big deal about it.”

Shouldn’t he make a big deal out of it, though? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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