Jessica Simpson Gives Birth (Photo)

Jessica Simpson Gives Birth

According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, it appears that Jessica Simpson has given birth to her daughter!

The tabloid takes us inside Jessica’s “dramatic delivery” and talks about her agonizing choice to get a C-section over a natural childbirth. In addition, the magazine claims that the fashion mogul is using hypnosis to calm her cold sweats. The magazine also reveals Jessica’s first tearful words to her brand new baby girl.

In addition, they have an inset photo of Jessica and her fiancee Eric Johnson, stating that he gave her a $250,000 push present. Was that something she gave him the money for? Just curious.

The magazine also talks about how Brad Pitt popped the question to his fiancee Angelina Jolie. Are you curious about how he did it?

Kim Kardashian’s shock that Kanye West is an “abuser” also made the cover. Also featured is Tom Cruise’s daughter living on skid row.

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