Jessica Simpson heartbroken over Gerard Butler?

Jessica Simpson heartbroken over Gerard Butler?I didn’t think that Jessica Simpson had the cojones to actually nail down Gerard Butler to one woman, and it turns out, I was right.

An inside snitch said, “After just three dates with Gerard, she was acting like a high school girl who was so into her boyfriend, while Gerard was treating it like a fling and telling pals how hot and sexy she was. Jessica knew what he was saying about her, but didn’t care.”

Even her dad was telling her to stay away from girlfriend hopper, Gerry. The source added, “Joe was livid! He knew she was headed for heartbreak. She’s always attracted to bad boys.”

The snitch went as far as calling Jess whiney about being alone and getting dumped constantly, yet being dumb enough to fall any random celeb with a few notches under his belt.

Source: More Heartbreak for Jessica SimpsonBetty Confidential

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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  • CorBlimey

    What nonsense! I hope you didn’t pay for this story! Sounds like someone has a need for the spotlight (ie, the “source”, not Jess Simpson)! Maybe spend your time writing about something real, instead?

    • Anonymous

      The source for any story about Jessica Simpson is always Joe Simpson.

  • Casey Phillips

    Why are your writing about this stuff? Get a real job.

  • A

    Why are you reading it? Stop complaining!