Jessica Simpson Is Terrified Of Giving Birth!

Jessica Simpson isn’t really looking forward to giving birth to her first child with fiance, Eric Johnson! She sure does look happy to be pregnant, doesn’t she?

It’s been revealed that Jessica is secretly terrified of being alone when she gives birth. Reportedly, she’s due in the spring and is said to be scheduling a C-section. Reports suggest that she is worried that if the baby comes early, her fiance won’t be there.

A source said, “Jessica really fears she will be going into labor and be all alone. It’s a really hard time for her because here she is in her last trimester, and she’s always imagined that having a baby would be the happiest day of her life. But now she worries.”

The source went on to say, “Calming Jess down is very difficult right now because she’s understandably scared and in pain. Everyone is pulling for her and looking forward to when she calms down after the birth.”

Enjoy the pregnancy while you can, Jess! Maybe they’ll just knock her out for the C-section so she won’t have to stress over the birth? What do you think? Should she go natural? Or is a C-section the way to go?

Photo Credit: ©Bruja,

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