Jessica Simpson Obsessed With Weight Before Discovering Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson Obsessed With Weight Before Discovering Weight Watchers

Fashion mogul Jessica Simpson said she has been obsessed about her weight before she discovered the Weight Watchers program. After giving birth to her daughter Maxwell in May, Jessica signed up to be the new ambassador for Weight Watchers for a rumored $4 million contract. Afterward, she was said to have lost 50 pounds on the program. Since, she has had to give up her dealings with the weight loss company after revealing that she is pregnant for the second time.

Now she has revealed that she was obsessed by her weight her whole life before discovering the Weight Watchers program. She also revealed that she has been a yo-yo dieter in the past and had tried just about everything.

She has filmed a new weight loss commercial for the brand with another one of their spokespeople, Jennifer Hudson. That will be available on Thursday, for our viewing pleasure. Of that she said, “I obsessed about my weight my whole life. I was always on some new life-stopping diet.”

She said that the program “let’s me be me” and added, “I amazed myself.”

Jennifer added, “I was overweight my entire life. I figured I was just born that way.”

Jessica will be resuming the program once she gives birth to her second child with fiance Eric Johnson. Jennifer has already lost 80 pounds on the program since she’s been utilizing it. Kudos to both of them on their successes.

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