Jessica Simpson Struggling To Lose The Baby Weight?

Jessica Simpson Struggling To Lose The Baby Weight?

Jessica Simpson was said to have gained 70-80 pounds during her pregnancy with Maxwell Drew. Near the time she gave birth, it was announced that Jessica had signed a multi-million dollar contract with Weight Watchers in order to be their official spokesperson and lose all of the baby weight.

“In Touch Weekly” reports that Jessica is on a strict timeline to lose weight for her campaign for the brand. Her goal weight is said to be 130 pounds. Basically, the tabloid is saying that she was tasked with losing fifty pounds in only five months.

A pal of Jessica’s said, “She’s so emotional. She doesn’t want to go to the gym. She doesn’t want to leave her baby. Sometimes she just starts crying. It’s hard for her.”

Sources also told the magazine that Jessica weighed 210 pounds at the height of her pregnancy, but is physically exhausted. The source revealed, “She’s consumed with the new baby. She and Eric are often up with Maxi all night.”

Her pal went on to say, “She gets so upset. She wants her body back so badly, but it’s beyond hard. She’ll have the occasional slice of pizza. If she feels deprived, it won’t last.”

Jessica has hired Harley Pasternak to help her in her bid to lose the weight, but cites her daughter as motivation to lose the extra pounds. An insider said, “Jessica wants to set a good example for Maxi. She wants to teach her daughter to have a healthy lifestyle.”

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